Business advanced tools and payment methods in Instagram 

Social media marketing became very popular in recent years not only for the celebrities to promote their official pages but also it has become the process of creating bespoken content for each social media platform to boost engagement and promote your business.

It’s all about connecting with a target audience or customers and helping them understand the certain brand better. It’s really useful for business growth.

Let’s have a look at Instagram, which is one of the famous and successful social media platforms for business promotion.

Instagram for the business growth 

Instagram has been mounting incredibly over the years and now is one of the top social media platforms. Besides lifestyle bloggers and influencers, business officialdoms are contributing to this trend too. More than 80% of brands consider Instagram engagement as the most important metric. It’s already obvious that Instagram is able to give a chance to reach the target audience without spending a fortune.

This platform has many tools that can help to have an aesthetic and interesting page, but also to promote it due to advertisement both by stories and posts. The SMM specialist of the page must have a SMM plan for the business page to be more productive and reach the desirable result. The specialist can use many online tools and apps  to make beautiful and trendy posts, to edit videos by making them more dynamic and also the stories.

About IG stories a little bit more detailed.

IG Stories – a revolutionary tool

In August 2016, Instagram launched IG Stories – a very strong brand among all others. About 500 million Instagram users create stories daily. It’s already mentioned by statistics that one of the most engaging types of content is video, and it’s an excellent chance for business pages to improve their visibility and build an audience. And here are stories that can help with that mission.

Instagram stories have a great impact on users and customers’ attention. The more attractive, eye-catching and lively the story is, the greater is the chance to have sales and growth for the business and product. There are thousands of instagram story ideas which can become a reality through online creators or apps, and they allow you to choose the color, the shape and the design you want.

There is also a great tool for designers, which is the random shape generator, and it can help a specialist to create original and catchy designs or covers.

Online shopping and payment methods

Businesses had faced the challenges of selling online as they shifted their business models during the COVID-19 crisis. Instagram also launched a shopping section to make it possible to buy online directly from the business page.

Everyone can visit a shop from a business’ Instagram profile or through feed and Stories. At the shop, they can search for  products, explore many collections and purchase products – through in-app browsers or without leaving the app from shops.

This feature helps making online shopping easier, faster and also a pleasant process. The user-customer can pay within minutes and get their product from the owner. The payment process is also digital: the customer can pay for the product by their credit card. And now Instagram allows payments only with standard exchanges.

In the world of new cryptocurrencies 

As the cryptoworld becomes very popular in recent years, it’s worth mentioning the possibility of payments also with cryptocurrencies. One of the famous cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency which is in an existing “digital wallet” app on a smartphone or computer. People can send it to each other and also buy products.

There are already many huge companies such as Apple, Tesla, Amazon,  that are developing methods to accept new cryptocurrencies as well. And this process is also unavoidable for Instagram or for other social media platforms.

For online shopping it’s very important to know the amount of transactions for a fixed time. Despite Bitcoin being the most famous cryptocurrency in the world, it can produce 4.6 transactions per second. There are many other cryptocurrencies which transactions are faster.

Litecoin(LTC) can produce 4 times more transactions than Bitcoin. can produce 4 times more transactions than Bitcoin, which allows it to receive more transactions per second. And one day in the near future it can become a successful way to buy online and pay online also in a new way.


To sum up, we can say that Instagram is becoming more and more popular not only in everyday life but also in the business world. It’s a great platform to promote business pages and raise the growth of it. Online shopping requires online payment which is developing parallelly, and besides standard payment methods there are also new ones which promise to become lawful and accepted in the business world in the near future.

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