CBD for the general public and people with cancer

This kind of news headline excites readers and creates beautiful dreams or hopes for cancer patients. Many people, especially cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy. After treatment, there were side effects from the drug. Suffering cancer patients from pain, loss of appetite, inability to eat, feeling sick, and looking for new alternatives do not include drug costs that may not be reimbursed with or in terminally ill cancer patients. If you are looking for a way to heal yourself using palliative care, you will turn to CBD kaufen or extracts. Cannabis is no longer an alternative without knowing the detailed information that Currently, research on this subject is being used.

Is it a treatment in humans that is effective? Or which substance to use in cannabis and how much is used? Headlines like this will make this group of patients want to try and think. There is nothing more damaged or nothing to lose, so it must be a doctor. To provide clear information on all aspects before the patient To use cannabis extract for self-treatment, patients must be aware of all information. Always go first and sign an informed consent form if entering research. or go into the SAS system, but don’t make it.

People or patients lose too much time and money.

For doctors to take or not to use cannabis. As a physician who truly cares for the patient and has no interest in any field when read news like this in both the headlines on the first page and the body of the newsletter. You Will still have to follow up to find more mushroom edibles information before bringing cannabis for treatment. Searching for information from the source of the work from the original thesis published in the journal by yourself will do.

Note that the researcher used extracts that were refined to be substances with a purity of 98.7 percent (almost 100%), not only cannabis extract or not just CBD kaufen plants can be used and in the process of use also need to be irradiated or there is a method for delivering this substance into the rat. The study is still at the animal level. It has not yet been tested in humans or cancer patients.

Therefore still do not know Substances that inhibit or cause to destroy cancer cells in rats can act the same or better when used in patient or not? Therefore, the doctor must continue to monitor the results of the study until this stage. was tested in several patients before in conclusion, it can be used and recommended. To make their patients use some. If they do not research information from research articles to read more, then one might think that after completing the study and thinking about using cannabis or cannabis extracts, etc., this is an idea that is not correct or unfair to pancreatic cancer patients.

For academics and researchers

When reading carefully and thinking critically based on this information as a scholar. Enough to look through can be clear that Let’s start with the headline story. Also used marijuana as the main storyline because people were very interested in marijuana. when searching for read the text in the original thesis that is the result of the research. It turns into flavonoids that act to destroy pancreatic cancer cells. This substance color the CBD kaufen plants. (And found in other plants as well) and must use only FBL-03G substance that is medical grade and has 98.7 percent purity, which is a substance that is not related to THC and CBD at all. Humans and patients are referred to as Stages I, II, and III with purified FBL-03G or similar drug combinations. He was found to be able to work. It is good at destroying cells in the human body with sound undesirable effects or effects in the body. This compound will be synthesized in a laboratory and produced for use without the need to grow cannabis plants again, so let’s start with cannabis. For More Information Visit This Site: thefrisky

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