Common Causes of Workplace Accidents And What To Do After Becoming a Victim

Workplace accidents are rising in the United States. Especially when working in an industrial environment, accidents are bound to happen. Every state has different sets of rules that a company must follow to ensure a safe working environment for its workers. However, many companies do not take the responsibility of maintaining a safe environment seriously.

Workers’ compensation allows injured workers to get financial compensation for their injuries without proving the employer’s fault. Many accidents can cause severe physical and mental impacts on the workers. Additionally, many accidents leave the worker physically disabled for life, changing their entire life upside down.

Consulting Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys can help you understand your legal options to get fair and maximum compensation.

Some of the common causes of workplace accidents include: 

  • Exposure to hazardous materials: 

Hazardous materials may be necessary for different departments, but handling them efficiently can avoid accidents. Employers are supposed to train the workers on the safe management of hazardous materials to avoid accidents. However, lack of management can result in severe injuries to the workers.

  • Lifting 

Lifting heavy objects can result in various injuries such as muscle strain and spinal cord injuries. Lifting heavy objects or using heavy machinery without a helping hand can result in injuries.

  • Poor lighting: 

Trip and fall accidents are common at the workplace, and the primary reason is the lack of proper lighting. Unable to see hazards can result in severe injuries such as bone fractures. Employers must ensure that the lighting is perfect in every area, including the warehouse, entry gates, parking areas, and more.

  • Stress:

Sometimes the employer may pressure the workers to work extra or threaten to fire them if they fail to perform the task. Physical and mental stress is one of the significant causes of workplace accidents. The employer must perform effective communication and ensure that the workers are physically and mentally fit to perform their duties.

  • Lack of safety equipment: 

Lack of preparation or failure to provide safe equipment to employers gives rise to workplace accidents. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide all the needed equipment to protect themselves while working. This is especially crucial in construction environments. Employers should also ensure their workers are fully trained on any equipment they are working with, courses for NPORS training is easily available and can reduce accidents.

  • Fatigue: 

Lack of proper sleep, concentration, and inattention can result in injuries. Not resting enough and overexertion can result in work fatigue leading to injuries and accidents.

What to do if you are injured at the workplace due to someone else’s negligence?

After facing workplace injury, the immediate step to take is to seek medical attention. Next, you must consult a lawyer who can help file the compensation and determine who is liable for your injury.

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