Dental Issues Caused By Tobacco 

Tobacco is one of the leading factors for several dental illnesses. Issues like teeth dislocation, gum disease, and tooth decay are more prevalent in people who consume tobacco regularly. 

If you smoke or chew tobacco regularly, your dental health will turn weak within weeks compared to someone who does not consume it. Not only does tobacco cause short dental issues like gingivitis it is also the root cause of oral cancer youngest patients. 

So if you are a regular tobacco consumer, it is better late than not to quit the bad habit. Additionally, if you feel like you might be battling a dental condition, contact a Thornton dentist as soon as possible and get yourself checked. 

Dental issues caused by tobacco 

  • Periodontal disease 

Your gums are the most sensitive part of your mouth. Several nerves connect the tooth to the jawbone inside the gums, increasing its support and strength. However, periodontal or gum disease can be extremely harmful to these nerves as they cause infection of your gums, leading to additional problems like tooth decay. 

When you consume food, the bacteria you take with it combine later and form debris called plaques which stay on your teeth for a prolonged time. Additionally, if you consume tobacco, you are increasing the bacteria in your mouth. This increases plaque which can lead to gum disease like gingivitis or periodontitis. 

  • Oral cancer 

Another hazardous dental condition caused by tobacco is oral cancer. Oral cancer affects your teeth, jawbone, and mouth and disrupts your entire face as it spreads into your body. Tobacco is one of the significant reasons why people struggle with oral cancer every year. In a mouth, cancer causes your tongue, lips, and mouth to all effects by cancerous cells. 

Smokers or tobacco consumers are more likely to get mouth cancer than nonsmokers. If you used to smoke and stopped recently, you are still at the chance of getting oral cancer due to your consumption in the past. 

So it is best not to start smoking again in the future. Every year thousands of people fight oral cancer and ever has to lose their facial structure due to the gruesome disease. 

Once the person reaches a later stage of oral cancer, it is impossible to treat it with medications or therapy; hence they have to lose the part affected by the cancerous cell. This can cause an ugly appearance on their face, which might be impossible to treat. 

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