Elvisa Dedic: Winning As A Model And Social Media Influencer Both

In Today’s world of fashion and trends, there is a huge competition between models, fashion icons, and social media influencers and only the one who remains consistent in their journeys are successful. Meet Elvisa Dedic, the rising model and a great entrepreneur who has set the fashion industry on fire with her looks and talent. She is a well-known brand ambassador of some famous brands along with being the CEO of her cosmetics line. Her personality and work inspire people to focus on their goals and achieve their dreams as she did. 

The Bosnian-born model was interested in modelling since her early teens but she made education her priority. She is a well-educated person with a degree in criminal justice and a degree in psychology with a 4.0 GPA from the University of Northern Florida. Once she completed her studies, Elvisa’s main aim was to focus on her career and polish her skills as a model and social media influencer. 

Elvisa Dedic began her journey by posting her hot, elegant, fascinating short reels and pictures on Instagram. Her physique, style, and fashion sense captivated the audience who started following her on Instagram, and within a short span, she became a famous Instagram influencer. Elvisa keeps her Instagram feed updated with new posts and trends. All the credit goes to her beauty and flaunting pictures that convinced the masses to follow her and let her gain more than about 888k followers on Instagram who wait desperately for the queen’s next post. 

As her social media presence increased, she became more and more famous, not only among the general public but also among renowned brands who were convinced to approach her by looking at her glamorous personality on Instagram. The first brand to offer her was Pretty Little Things after which, she kept rising as a model and fashionista. She was also approached by other brands like Diva Boutique, Giti, Seventh Issue, and many other fashions, swimwear, clothing, and makeup brands to market their products since she is a famous influencer on Instagram.

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However, her biggest achievements are yet to be discussed. Elvisa Dedic, the glam queen also captivated the attention of one of the most renowned fashion brands, FashionNova, and now has become the official brand ambassador of the company. For More Information Visit this site: views360 . The fashion influencer is not only a successful brand ambassador but also a great CEO of her firm. She doesn’t want to wear brands but to own one and she achieved her goal. Elvisa launched her cosmetic line, “Elvisa Cosmetics” to encourage and support women to follow their passion and focus on their goals. Her company offers a complete makeup range with a variety of mascaras, eyeshadow palettes, lip products like lip balms and lipsticks, and highlighters. It also includes makeup bags and whatnot. Check her cosmetic page, Elvisa Cosmetics

With running a successful business, Elvisa has also collaborated with some online retailers including Chic Couture Online. Her endorsements can be seen on her feed. Furthermore, she also promotes several brands through her Instagram on daily basis. She is a role model for all the young women out there who are struggling to pursue their dreams. It is her passionate attitude towards her career which gained her so much recognition today. She remained dedicated throughout her journey and we can see how much she has grown as a businesswoman, model, and influencer today. More Information Click Here: sttmag

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