Finding a tool to test ping or check your connection latency? We have the finest tool for you.

Check your latency with one click on worldwide servers, this ping checker is pretty simple whether you want to check your ping or test your computer equipment’s with one simple click.

Tools available:

FixUbuntu comes with several types of testers to ensure the quality of your connection and other equipment’s, here are some which you can test:


This ping checker gets you the results from all the 20 servers available to see what could be the best host server for your connection, one simple click and you can test your internet on all the regions.

Internet Speed test

This one does the internet ping test, download and upload speed test as well. It calculates the actual bandwidth limit for your connection, so if you want to downloading something and you’re not getting the speed that you should be getting its probably the host server providing less bandwidth.

Tools for gamers

If you’re gamer this website will do just perfectly for you, because it comes with both ping checker and packet loss checkers, and these both things really matter for any online game. So you can run these 2 tests to ensure trouble-free gameplay.

Dead Pixels Test

Moreover, if you feel like there’s a noticeable issue in your screen, you can run the Dead pixels to check any dead spot in your screen, and if there’s none it means your monitor is doing fine there’s an issue with your hardware or power.

Mouse Rate Test

All is done on your web browser, you don’t have to install anything in your computer. Check your mouse polling rate is done with one click, you just need to hit the test button and move your mouse in a circle, and results will be on your screen.

Controller Test

In addition, this has a controller test as well, to make sure all your controller buttons are doing fine or diagnose any other issue in your controller, its same as other you just have to hit the test button and press your controller buttons and if any button doesn’t respond on the screen it means its dead or probably needs to be repaired.

Keyboard Tester

Along with ping checker, there’s a test available for your keyboard as well it tests all your keyboard buttons and displays on a virtual keyboard, so you can easily detect a dead or messy button, which might have caused by the dirt or any other issue.

FixUbuntu is a free tool, to make all the possible tests of your hardware and internet with just one click. Unlike, other ping checker which don’t provide the valid results. The servers available are always 24/7 up which means you can test any time anywhere.

This tool is really handy for if you are gamer you can just bookmark the page and test your pubg ping before you jump out of the aero plane and take place in battle

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