From Tween to Teen: How to Give Your Child’s Bedroom a Makeover

As much as you might want to press pause on your son or daughter’s age, they are growing at a rapid pace and may want a bedroom that better suits their age. For this reason, you might need to overhaul the space to create an interior that reflects their interests, personality, and tastes.

It might be time to say goodbye to the princess or dinosaur-themed interior they adored as a tween to introduce a more grown-up style. Continue reading to learn how to give your teen’s bedroom a makeover.

A Stylish Bed

As sad as it might feel, you may need to donate, sell, or recycle a race car or princess bed and replace it with a more adult style. Ensure your son or daughter feels proud to welcome friends into their bedroom by adding a stylish bedframe that will give their interior the wow factor. If the room is on the small side, you will be pleased to know you can introduce a stylish, small single bed 2ft 6 and select from various designs, such as wood, fabric, and metal.

A Neutral Color Scheme

A neutral interior design will create a more mature aesthetic your teen will adore. Move away from bold, colorful patterns more suited to tweens and younger children, and opt for one or two block colors, such as white, grey, or soft green. You can trust the muted color palette will grow with your teen throughout the years, ensuring they feel a sense of pride each time they step inside their bedroom.

Instead of adding color, make it your mission to add more texture to the space by placing an assortment of pillows onto their bed, hanging artwork, and laying down a soft area rug. Also, your teen could inject more color and put their stamp on the space by adding accessories, trophies, photos, posters, and more.

A Mix of Storage

Your teenage son or daughter’s bedroom floor might no longer be covered with endless toys, but they might have replaced the items with piles of clothing, video games, makeup, or books. Help your messy teen to keep their bedroom clean and organized by providing a mix of storage solutions, such as:

  • Baskets
  • Bins
  • Wardrobes
  • Chest of drawers
  • Shelving
  • Bookcases

Also, introduce multi-functional furniture to house various items. For example, an ottoman bed with storage is a practical way to store out-of-season clothing, shoes, sports equipment, textbooks, and other belongings.

An Inviting Study Space

Every teenager needs a comfortable, stylish study space, as it will encourage them to complete their homework, write papers, and cram textbooks for upcoming tests. Try to incorporate an attractive study space into the interior design layout and provide all the tools they will need to work hard at home, such as:

  • A desktop or laptop
  • Stationery
  • Desk lamp

Also, position the desk near a window to provide plenty of light when studying, and it may even offer a tranquil view to make them feel calm and relaxed before an upcoming test.

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