Here’s why you must consult a bankruptcy attorney in Charleston

Financial distress can be hard to deal with. When your creditors are chasing you for payments, and there is no hope in sight, you must consider varied means of debt relief. Bankruptcy is one of them. Just because you have debts doesn’t mean that bankruptcy is your only option. Debt consolidation & debt settlement are other alternatives. If you are wondering whether you need to consult a Charleston, WV bankruptcy attorney, here are some aspects to consider. 

  1. Bankruptcy lawyers can evaluate and assess your situation. Just because your friend managed to retain their assets after filing for bankruptcy doesn’t mean you would have the same advantages. Each person’s financial situation is unique, and it is important to talk to an attorney to understand whether bankruptcy is an option in the first place. Your lawyer can consider your present financial condition and will determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. 
  2. Bankruptcy lawyers can help protect your assets. Creditors can be harsh and often try many tactics and means to get their money back. Your attorney can guide you on your rights and help protect your assets by keeping an eye on the bankruptcy details. They can also prevent creditors from harassing you further. Also, many lawyers work with clients and negotiate with creditors for debt settlement. 
  3. Bankruptcy lawyers are extremely good at handling paperwork. It is a known fact that bankruptcy is a long process that requires considerable paperwork. If you hire an attorney, they will do that for you, which can help prevent unwanted mistakes. You can trust the attorney to check all details and ensure that your documentation is impeccable. 

While there is no way to minimize the distress related to bankruptcy, an attorney can ease the process and offer the legal support you need. Numerous law firms in Charleston specialize in bankruptcy matters, and it doesn’t take much to consult an attorney. Besides considering the legal aspects, your lawyer can advise you on saving money and minimizing your hassles during the process. Also, you can expect to get tips and suggestions on how you can start rebuilding your credit.

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Now that you are aware of the basics, go ahead and find a local bankruptcy lawyer. Ensure that you carry all your key financial documents for the first meeting, along with a list of questions that you would want to ask about the process and other aspects.

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