How Canadian Companies Mine Gold in 2022?

Are you curious to know how gold gets mined? Have you ever thought about how it is processed and mined? Well! It is a bit difficult to carry out, but it is worth it. Do you love wearing gold jewelry or having gold? It is human nature to get inclined towards precious metals, and gold is the most precious metal. So, you must understand how it comes to you. We came across Trillium Gold Mines with unique methods of gold extraction in the world.

So, without any further discussions, let’s dive deep into the process of gold mining!


The very first step in gold mining is none other than exploration. And it is a lengthy step. You can’t expect to complete this process within a few days. But sometimes it takes a much more extended period, even longer than your expectations. But what is this process actually about? Exploration is all about exploring the land, area, geophysical conditions, climate changes, resources, etc.

  • It is the very first step in gold mining.
  • It would help if you explored whether the area is suitable for mining or not.
  • Even samples are taken and sent to the laboratory.
  • It takes a more extended period to explore.


The second step is called mining. But here, you need to internalize that mining is of two types. The first type is called open-pit mining. The expected area gets drilled in this type; even the rocks get drilled. After mining the ore, it gets filled with explosives. These explosives get blasted later on. Then the ore gets shifted for further processing.

The second type of mining is called underground mining. It also involves a drilling section, but this drilling section is at the bottom of the ore. After that, it gets blasted to make the roof collapse; after that, gravity overpowers. The collapsed ore then further goes down for processing. For more knowledge regarding Gold Mining, visit Trillium Gold Mines.

  • Mining is of two types.
  • The first one is an open pit.
  • The second one is underground mining.


There are three primary stages of processing. The first stage is crushing and grinding. In this stage, the blasted mine went down under crushers. And these heavy crushers grind the ore very finely. The second step is called flotation or oxidization. It is the step where your gold gets separated from the waste for the very first time. A reaction gets done between oxygen and sulfur. This reaction helps liberate gold. That’s how flotation and oxidization get done completely.

  • It is the third main stage.
  • The ore gets further crushed by crushers.
  • And then a reaction gets done to liberate more gold from the shackles of waste.
  • In this stage, you get fine grounded ore and also waste-free gold.

Rehabilitation and Closure

Last but not least, it gets decided before even starting the ore that it will get closed after a certain period. This step is essential because, in the end, the ore must be closed safely without harming any individual or even without causing any environmental destruction. But most of the time, ores get in working for a more extended period. No matter what, it has to end one day, which is called closure and rehabilitation.

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