How Children Evolve Between 2 to 5 Years?

Being a responsible parent means a lot of burdens and responsibilities. You wait for your child to enter this world and start their journey of exploring new things. But you are also scared and worried about what they learn and how they grow as an individual. The most crucial transition period for a child is between two to five years of age.

A child evolves from a messy toddler to a little growing explorer curious about everything around them. As parents, it is your moral responsibility to teach them the right things and ensure they read good books like jellycat books with exciting stories. This helps in their physical and mental development.

In this age group, kids are active and mobile. They want to discover new things, and you must support their desire. While in the process, make sure you provide them with the correct sources that will help them grow and evolve as an individual.

What kind of development will you observe in a child between the age of 2-5 years?

In many ways, you will see a change in your child during these essential growth years. Below you’ll get some information about how your child will evolve in this duration.

1. Physical development: Your child will grow in inches as their bones and muscles develop. The child will gain height and strength to hold their body together.

2. Motor skills and sensory development: When your child is two years old, he would probably be able to crawl and even climb a staircase one at a time. Over time, they should be able to learn how to dress, measure and calculate the distance under various conditions and should be able to develop writing skills.

3. Communication skill: At the age of 5-years, your child should be able to speak clear words and try to create proper sentences. They also find the confidence to communicate clearly.

4. Cognitive skill: Your child understands language and should recognise a problem and probably find a reason behind it. With jellycat books for children including stories that give them reasons to put their minds to work, your child will undoubtedly have a tremendous cognitive skill development.

5. Emotional and social skills: The child needs to realise that they need to be socially accepted. By socially accepted, it does not mean how they need to function according to the society, but they must at least develop skills that help them be open and social with others. A child must understand their relationship with the parent and a few close relatives. They must also develop a sense of belonging and emotional attachment.

It is observed that children usually connect and create their vision of the world by reading and listening to stories. So, when you pick a reading book for your child, it must have a positive thought, realistic and practical story endings, and some things that give them a sense of joy. Bedtime stories have the most impact on children; when they sleep, their subconscious mind is active. It allows them to put their imagination into work and have dreams that they believe in.

If your child hesitates to understand, communicate, or develops a sense of fear early, you must not neglect these signs. Try to seek help from a medical professional and start their therapy or treatment as soon as possible. Children can develop conditions like autism and a few others that can become a challenge in their future. So, try to surround them with happiness, a positive learning environment, and many toys that bring joy to their lives.

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