How Gogopdf Can Help You with Your Large Files

In this modern world, you have probably at some point had to send certain files as attachments to your email. This is usually a no-brainer – until the email provider refuses to attach one file because it’s too large. This can be quite distressing, especially if you’re under time pressure and are running after deadlines. So what should you do about this situation?

Fortunately, you now have another option as supplied by cloud service It’s called “file sharing,” and it’s a great way to get around the problem of not sending large files to anyone.

An Introduction to A Great Tool is now offering file sharing as part of its cloud service array of tools. As a cloud service, can be accessed anywhere that has a strong Internet signal. That alone is already a boon to those who frantically need to send one or many large files.

How Does the Service Work?

The file-sharing option works by letting you access the website first. This can be done even in remote locations, provided the Internet signal is not intermittent. You have to make sure the Internet signal is strong and continuous to avoid interrupting the file sharing process.

Next, look for the file or files that you want to share. You may drag and drop these into the appropriate field on the website. Or search for these from your laptop or desktop while you’re on the website. Once the files are already in, you’re supposed to click the button marked “Share File”. This will start the process.

The system will reveal a download link that you can send to the recipient. (You can add your message at the same time too.) Or, if you prefer, you may copy-paste the link into the email itself before sending it. This allows your recipient to access the large files you uploaded into

Last, you may download then save your files on your device. You are also permitted to share the same documents through your social media accounts. And voila! You are now sharing a large file that you had thought was impossible to share with others.

No Need to Scramble for File Sharing Platforms and Browsers Anymore

The great thing about the file-sharing tool is that it can work on any operating system part of your laptop. So it doesn’t matter whether you are using Linux, Macintosh, or Windows. You can also rely on if you are using an Apple or Android device as well.

Another remarkable fact is that you can rely on practically any of the major browsers to access the file-sharing tool. Try it out on Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer. You will find that can function on all those.

This makes it much simpler for working professionals or even for students because you need to follow the steps to get the results you need.

Images Are Also Accepted for File Sharing

Yes, you read that right! You probably have discovered by now that image files do take up a lot of space when you have to send them as email attachments. This means that your regular image files under file formats PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, and JPEG will be shareable. You won’t get stuck in your project which is a boon to anyone who’s been stumped by this step.

Privacy is Respected by

One of the important aspects of this cloud service is that you won’t find your document details leaked to anyone. Once you’re done file sharing and accepted the file, the system will count to 60 minutes – then will delete your file from the website. Not even a word or a period will stay in the system. That way, you don’t have to worry that your competitors will somehow get their hands on your large files.

A side benefit of this is that your large file will be sent without affecting your device’s memory. This helps those who already have many files on their laptop since the large file could be occupying much memory already.


If you’re a busy professional, you probably have many large files that will need to be sent at some point. It is awkward that many large files cannot be sent as regular email attachments. Fortunately, you now have to rely on to do file-sharing of large documents or complex images.

You can also send multiple large files this way. This means if you have more than one image or document to send, you can! This is beneficial to those who usually need large files sent, such as artists, writers, and publishers. The fact that your data privacy is respected is just the icing on the cake.

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