How to Choose the Perfect Air Track Mattress for Your Home Gym:


Have you just begun aerobics and like it genuinely? Do you want to see your development at your house, in your ground, garden area, or sitting room? In this situation, the gym air mattress is the best equipment. The children or kids who like to do acrobatics with so much strength would like to bounce and do acrobatics on an air track mattress with their siblings, family members, or friends.

If you are a dignified gymnast or powerful performer with an air track mattress, it is quite possible to stand in that size and attain a better all day at your house. You can buy this Gym play mat in so many sizes, heights, shapes, widths, or lengths, and the best platform for purchasing an air track mat is- Kameymall. Consequently, you will search for a spacious gymnastics air track mattress for each eligibility rank and in any age.

The youngsters or freshers will get an advantage from a gymnast air track mat with a total height of 10 cm. This height is appropriate for kids of lightweight, who currently don’t have the usage of gymnastics air track mat experience, but who need to obtain the best. So you can buy it in various types of lengths. 

The minimum length is excellent if you have to practice impulsively or combine some assortments. Selecting a long air track mattress may connect with many assortments and get even more strength. If you are a well-trained gymnast, an air track mattress of 15 cm height will provide you with an accurate, exquisite blow and jump. This kind is available on Kameymall with 3 to 8 meters in length. The more plummet you wish to keep together, the longer the air track mattress you can select.

Kameymall’s Introduction

Kameymall is a B2C source where customers from many countries buy the products. At Kameymall, people may also sell out their products to online shoppers. Chenjia Trading Corporation Limited has launched Kameymall, the Chinese electronic-commerce source. Purchasers from more than 220 countries are connected with this foreign online shopping source. You will get so many things such as clothes, gaming tools, safety shoes, Air track mat products, fashion and hair extension products, Zorb ball, and many more things- all in one website.


Air tracks are the best equipment for a well-trained gymnast or proficient user of Air track mattresses. As you become more proficient, you may prefer to get something more significant than the average 3m x 10cm air track mat. And an excellent way may be to get that one air track mat that is 5 meters x 15cm.

You may select the wider Air track mattress, and it will give you more flexibility and jumping space. The longer the air track will be, the more space of bounce and jumps you may get when you want to run smoothly. But keep in mind the large-sized air track mattresses are not just so costly; they are also weighty, which may be the issue, specifically for teens or youngsters. 

If you are searching for a spacious gymnastics air track mattress for your garden area, sitting room, or kids room, at KamayMall, you can get so many types of air track mattresses and gymnastics devices that may be used at your house. In this way, you may stand in the perfect size and play with your experience at your home. Kameymall has all types of air track mattresses for all experience levels. 





Every gym air mat may be blended with the other gymnast air track mats of a similar length if you want to enlarge your air track mat. There are velcro belts at the finishing point of each air track gymnastics mat.

You have to bring them together with a velcro belt, and you may get it from Kameymall. Most air track mats consist of velcro belts on the corners, which permits them to be combined; hence, you can get a considerable air track, which allows you to work out with your siblings and friends.

The velcro belt at the corners also adds the landing mat with air track mats. With a pitch, you get a more flexible height, and you may accordingly begin playing with your previous assortments on the big air track mat, which provides you more height in the corner layers. If you combine the landing mats at the finishing area of the air track mat, you may complete your workout with the protection, and at a similar time, you can get more capacity for the jumps and exercise.

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