How to Get More Likes For Your Instagram Posts?

The most obvious part of using Instagram and posting on it is that you want to share. And the positive feedback that you look for about your posts is gained through likes. Everyone on Instagram wants as many likes as they can possibly get for their posts. This applies to someone running a personal account, bloggers or even businesses.

The more the followers and likes on your account, the better it is. Nobody likes it if their post hardly gets 5 likes after having uploaded it 10 hours or so ago. It would definitely be a little if not very disappointing. So let’s take a look at exactly how you can actively make an effort to get more likes on all your Instagram posts. The most obvious step is to always link your Instagram with your Facebook account.

This will help all the people on your Facebook list to see that you have an account on Instagram that they can follow as well. You can either share a picture from Instagram to Facebook or even actively ask your Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram. These are usually your first followers when you make an account. Get as many followers as you can by linking to all your social media accounts. This automatically gives you more number of likes when you post something.

One of the first things you need to understand is also that if you post are of good quality, people will obviously like it more. So make a conscious effort to post some good pictures that will catch the attention of other users. Your followers will definitely click the little heart and other users might just start following you out of interest.

Your posts should be personal and attractive to your followers. It should be something that would interest them and capture their attention. You posts should also have a unique quality that makes users want to follow you in order to look forward to future posts. Using hash tags is the easiest way to make your post more visible and discoverable by other Instagram users. These tags should be relevant to the content of your post. People tend to search for tags based on their subject of interest.

If they like your post, they will like it and also start following you. The next part of using hash tags is to use popular ones. There are certain tags that are more popular at certain times. Posts with these tags generate a lot of traffic and thus get more likes. Some examples of such tags are this that has the words iphonesia, nofilter, instadaily, webstagram, photooftheday, etc. Using these tags on your posts will make it more likely to get attention from other users

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