How to Maintain Sparkling Shine on Your Car in a Few Steps?

Remember how happy you were when you first bought your ride home in New Castle? That memory of your car brimming with life might never fade away. As time elapsed, your excitement about being together with your car went down, you became less excited about taking your car out of the garage.

One likely reason for this sunken cheer is that your car grew old and lost some of its luster. Now, you can’t discard your car on these grounds. After all, you are the owner and it is your duty to take care of your vehicle.

It would help if you reminded yourself that any car – vibrant or lacklustre – is a popular target for theft. So, before you get moving with sprucing up your ride, research and request an online compare car insurance. Protecting your car on all sides means signing up for best car insurance in Newcastle to benefit both the car and you.

How does a clean layer of paint help?

Yeah! I agree bright, smooth paint adds glamour, which might be a good reason to keep your car. Being a car owner, you should know that well-coated paint prevents your car from rusting and it’s vital to preserve the robustness of your vehicle.

You may follow the below tips to preserve your car paint for a little longer.

1. Wipe the dust and dirt

Let us agree on this, your car will attract dust and dirt on a regular basis. Other things include bird droppings, mashed insects, etc. It would help if you remove all of these by washing your car regularly.

Once or twice would do depending on how frequently you use your vehicle.

2. Be gentle with your car

Many car owners prefer to wash their rides themselves, to ensure the ultimate caring touch. The underlying reason would be they consider themselves to be the safest hands to handle the vehicle delicately.

You may use a fresh microfiber car wash mitt to clean your vehicle. All the while, be sure that you are using the mitt correctly. Any accumulated tiny sharp particles may scratch your car exteriors by rubbing over the car surface. Dip the mitt in clean water and rinse after every wipe to avoid such a scenario.

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3. Use a car shampoo

Don’t use the dishwashing liquid just because it is readily available in your home. They contain toxic chemicals and high sodium levels that chip off the paint or leave undesirable stains on your car’s surface. Hit a store and buy shampoos formulated especially for car use. They are mild and leave a lubricant layer to protect the paint.

4. Use car wax

After washing your car, a layer of car wax on the exterior would help considerably. It will shield your car from fading and discoloration because of harmful UV rays.

5. Find a car detailing service

Another option to nurse the ugly scratches on the exterior of your car is to take it to an expert. You may need to do that to protect the metal body beneath from rust, especially if the scratches are deep.

6. Use car covers

They benefit your car by shielding it from the harsh UV rays of the sun and dust in the air. These two environmental factors have the highest contribution to the deterioration of your car paint. If you are not willing to buy car covers, try parking your car under the shade or sheltered places.

Plus, if possible, don’t leave your painted car parked alone in unguarded places – whether covered or not. To secure your vehicle from theft, compare car insurance.


Requesting an online car insurance quote would help you be a step in gaining extra protection beyond what you can provide your car in terms of its maintenance. Explore the policies available and choose the best one to safeguard your newly painted, striking vehicle from the misery of theft, accidental damage and loss!

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