How to pass your 5-panel drug test?

You may come across many situations where you might be asked to take up a drug test. Employers, Hiring Managers, and Recruiters in both the public and private sectors in the United States had made drug tests mandatory for employment. While they are allowed to conduct any kind of drug test as per their drug testing policy, the 5-panel urine drug test is the most common and standard drug testing method followed by most government and private organizations. This blog is all about guiding you through passing your 5-panel drug test.

How is a 5-panel drug test administered?

  1. The 5-panel urine drug test involves preliminary testing (Immunoassay testing) and confirmatory testing (GC/MS test). Most employers would conduct their preliminary testing using a high-quality 5-panel urine drug testing kit that provides instant results within 3 to 5 minutes.
  2. The same sample might be sent for confirmatory testing if you get positive or false-positive results.
  3. Both the preliminary and confirmatory testing might be conducted in a SAMHSA authorized testing facility or a laboratory. You cannot bring in your belongings inside the sample collection center.
  4. If it is a supervised drug test, a supervisor might assist you up to the private area of the collection room. The supervisor should not threaten the individual’s privacy while collecting the sample.
  5. Once the sample is collected, the tester will test the temperature of the urine (Optimal temperature: 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit). The sample will be secretly labeled and packed for testing.

Drugs tested in a 5-panel urine drug test.

The 5-panel drug test looks for the significant illegal substances abused by many people in the United States. The drugs include

  1. Amphetamines
  2. THC
  3. COC
  4. Opioids ( Natural opioids only)
  5. PCP

Employers and Hiring managers might conduct a 5-panel urine drug test during

  1. Pre-Employment
  2. Random Drug testing during employment
  3. Reasonable suspicion
  4. Post-Accident Drug Testing

How to pass your 5-panel urine drug test?

  • Passing your 5-panel urine drug test is simple and easy if you have abstained from the drugs.
  • If you are an occasional smoker, make sure you stay away from the drugs for at least 30 days before your drug test.
  • Using tampering methods like using synthetic urine or prosthetic penis might or might not work during your drug test. But it will negatively impact your career if you get caught.
  • Faking or claiming false positives to the MRO might also not work. Your confirmatory test will bring up exact results.

Some steps you can take before your drug test to pass your 5-panel drug test

  1. Drink water– Drinking a considerable amount of water a week before your drug test might reduce your drug levels in your body, putting your body drug levels below the cut-off levels.
  2. Exercise – Exercising and keeping your metabolism healthy might help your body ward off the drug substances quicker than possible, thereby helping you pass your drug test. It also allows you to stay fit.
  3. High-quality drug testing kits – Use high-quality 5-panel urine drug testing kits to read the drug levels in your body. This might help you to prepare for your drug test accordingly.
  4. Abstain from drugs – This is the best and only solution that can possibly help you to pass your 5-panel drug test.

Final Words

The 5-panel drug test is a standard drug test conducted by most public and private organizations as per the federal government guidelines. It is better to keep yourself away from drugs and follow a healthy lifestyle to pass your 5-panel drug test and improve your career

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