How to Remove Appliances Safely and Efficiently: Tips And Tools For A Hassle-Free Hauling Experience

In every home, there is always something to discard or recycle. Be it an old bulky refrigerator, dishwasher, water heater, microwave, etc. Nevertheless, these household appliances are essential for survival. But what do you do when it gets old or faulty?

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Below are the tips and tools for a hassle-free hauling experience for your home and business.

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Measure the size of the appliances

This is the first thing to do when trying to tow any equipment. It allows you to know if the appliance will pass through the door in order not to damage the door.

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Turn off the power when removing

People often make the mistake of leaving an appliance on when hauling which is a very wrong thing to do. For example, when removing a dishwasher, switch it off from the socket, disconnect the inside and outside hoses, remove all internal racks, and tape it.

Don’t Do-It-Yourself

This might seem like a good idea for some people but in actual context, it is a dangerous move, especially for large appliances. You will end up getting frustrated and damaging the floor.

Rent out a junk removal company

Outsourcing for help from those who are pros in the field makes your hauling experience memorable and hassle-free. All items either a fridge, oven, dishwasher, water heater, washing machine, freezer, induction cooker, etc can be safely and efficiently removed by hiring a junk removal team.

Tools For A Hassle-free Hauling Experience

Lift buddy

This handy tool can lift equipment or furniture with one hand. While the appliance is being lifted, you can place the skates, sliders, or gliders in place for easier movement.

Heavy duty Tram

This tool is an ideal choice when it comes to hauling appliances like freezers, ovens, heaters, microwaves, pumping machines, bathing tubs, washing machines, etc with a trolley.

Hand truck

It is suitable for moving small items in bulk. There are things to consider when buying a hand truck. The product weight and the kind of environment it will be used. However, there are different types of hand trucks— convertible hand trucks, upright hand trucks, pallet hand trucks, and appliance hand trucks. Choose whichever one is best for you.

Heavy-duty appliance roller

Appliance roller has an adjustable multifunctional movable base for electrical appliances. It is convenient, well-equipped, and accommodates heavy objects of different types.

Machine skates

It has a square or rectangular outlet with wheels in each corner. Machine skates usually make things easier to move around, and this tool is exactly what it sounds like. Skates are placed under appliances and heavy machinery, so they can slide across the floor instead of having to be lifted and carried.


Sliders are effective when moving appliances on wooden floors to avoid scratches. Moreover, it can only be used to move appliances at short distances.

Moving harness

Appliances and equipment can only be moved by two people when using a moving harness. The loops are worn over the shoulders or forearms and the strap is placed under the moving object. The main advantage of lifting straps is that they relieve the back, by distributing weight evenly to provide better stability.

Hydraulic jack

This tool has numerous advantages. It is highly effective in carrying heavy loads and lifting objects with less effort, lighter than a screw jack, has a smaller size, and is easy to use.


Since the invention of forklifts, appliances, and machines can be hauled to different locations without stress. Using forklifts in the workplace enhances productivity and eliminates excruciating body pain as a result of lifting heavy equipment.

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