Is It Possible To Settle A Wrongful Death Case Out Of Court?

Suffering the loss of a loved one is not easy. You may be angry, depressed, and confused about what to do next. Most people do not prefer filing a case and getting into legal matters because they do not want to drag the problem. However, you have another option: settling out of court. 

Just like any other personal injury case, you can make a settlement for a wrongful death case outside of court. This significantly reduces your time, money, and emotional toll. However, the process is not easy. The other party may try to play tricks and offer you less than you deserve. To avoid falling into such traps, contact a Stockton wrongful death attorney today. 

Is it possible to negotiate a fair wrongful death settlement outside of court?

Yes, it is. Just like you can settle car and truck accident cases, you can settle a wrongful death case without the court’s interference. The procedure is the same where you and the other party exchange information. Based on the information you provide, they may accept or reject the request for compensation. In case they reject, then you can file a court case. 

It is possible to get a fair settlement without the court’s help. However, you must not do it without a legal expert by your side. When you work without an attorney, you put yourself at a high risk of being scammed by the other party. The other party’s insurance will play various different tricks and offer you a low settlement. Their words may make it seem as if they are on your side. However, that is never the case. 

Insurance companies will always look out for themselves and their policyholders. They are not your friends or well-wishers, and they do not care if your settlement amount is not enough to cover all your damages. Once you believe them and accept the settlement, you lose all your rights to file a court case. So, even if you later realize your mistake, you cannot do anything about it. 

That is why hiring an attorney for a wrongful death case in Stockton is so important. An attorney does not only protect you from the insurance company’s tactics but makes sure that you get no less than the deserved amount. They could guide you throughout the process and prevent you from making mistakes that can weaken your claim. Lastly, an attorney can allow you time to grieve and collect your thoughts by taking care of most of the work.

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