Is It Sexual Harassment To Be Asked On A Date By A Coworker?

As sexual crimes are on the rise, everybody’s main focus right now is getting justice for sexual harassment victims and finding a way to put a stop to these crimes. This gives rise to the question of whether asking your coworker on a date is considered sexual harassment or not. The answer to this is not a simple one. 

Sexual crimes are a complex area of the law. Whether the asking of one worker to another for a date is harassment depends on the circumstances. Some situations may be harmless with no consequences, while others may lead to sexual harassment lawsuits. If you are a workplace sexual harassment victim, an employment attorney virginia can help. 

Is it sexual harassment to be asked on a date by a coworker?

It is normal for a person to develop romantic feelings towards their colleague after working together for a considerable amount of time. In fact, studies say that a significant percentage of people find their romantic partners in their workplace. Therefore, the mere act of asking someone to go on a date with you is not sexual harassment if you ask them politely. 

However, not all people take no for an answer easily and keep on pressuring that person to say yes. Persistent behavior after being declined more than once can be unwelcoming. Sometimes these behaviors develop into sexual harassment, even though the person may not realize they are crossing the line. 

Consequences of dating someone from work

Dating someone who you work with is not always a good idea. There are various drawbacks for both people involved in the relationship, especially if a boss or a superior is dating an employee. Here are a few consequences of dating someone from work: 

  • Focusing on each other rather than work can result in loss of productivity. 
  • One employee may leave the company to avoid breaking its rules, leading to a loss of talent. 
  • If the relationship sours, the boss could retaliate against the employee.
  • An employer dating an employee can give rise to favoritism. 

Due to these very reasons, many workplaces have a strict policy of not dating anyone from the workplace. If you want to ask a coworker out, you must go through your company’s policies or speak with your employer before going ahead. 

Liking someone and asking them out on a date in a respectful way is not considered harassment and does not have any legal consequences. However, not taking no for an answer does. Moreover, if your company has strict rules regarding dating, the person could be in a bigger problem. 

If you have faced sexual harassment in the workplace, contact an attorney today. 

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