Key benefits of investing in a culvert balloon

The culvert balloon is an essential construction tool. This piece of equipment built most of the structures you drive over. The infrastructure industry relies on such machines to make work easy and efficient. So, how much do you have to part with to own a culvert balloon? This article touches on its functions and costs in Kenya.


Good infrastructure is the cornerstone of any civilized society. Over the decades, the construction industry has taken significant steps forward. Numerous inventions have aided in that growth. One of these creations is a structure known as the culvert.

The primary purpose of building culverts is to direct water away from railways or roads. These structures are placed strategically under main roads, and they often act as bridges. Contractors need to invest in a culvert balloon to build a stable culvert. This article describes what a culvert balloon is, its uses, and how much you have to part with to acquire one in Kenya.

What is a culvert balloon?

Experts in the construction industry will tell you that a culvert balloon is a key to effortless culvert formwork. Manufacturers use hardened synthetic or natural rubber and other synthetic solid fiber material to make the balloon. They can also resist pressure, making them ideal for putting up tunnels, gutters, and bridges.

This machine comes in different sizes and shapes. The type of culvert balloon used is dependent on the size and shape of your construction. When doing your window shopping, it’s essential to look out for a product with anti-aging qualities that can be overextended.

The Benefits

Firstly, this machine is eco-friendly and completes construction work faster and easier. It is big on efficiency and speed. It has super-expansion ability, but it also boasts exceptional gas tightness. The balloon makers considered Thermal stability, flexibility, and toughness.

It is pretty easy to use this machine due to its straightforward design. That means you can save on time, materials, and labor hired during construction. Culvert balloons are also versatile since you can use them to build many things. Apart from bridges and tunnels, you can also use them for irrigation, constructing beams, and other architectural engineering projects.

Culvert balloon prices

You can buy a culvert balloon online or in a brick-and-mortar store in Kenya. As is the norm in the 21st century, potential buyers need to do prior research online to compare prices and other vital facts before purchasing. Many different stores offer this product at a specific price range.

As mentioned earlier, the price depends on the size of the culvert balloon. The culvert balloon price in Kenya ranges between KSH 45,000 to 300,000. For example, a 300mm by 6m balloon costs about KSH 46,000, while a 900mm by 12m sets you back KSH 290,000.

Consider these factors beforehand;

You must choose if you want a brand-new product or a used balloon. Some stores even rent out the balloon for a certain amount of time. If you are a one-time user, it might be wiser to rent the machine. If construction is your line of work, then it’s better to buy. All these factors will reflect in the final price.


Ultimately, it’s a consumer’s job to do the research before biting the bullet on such a significant purchase. Think about the long and short-term benefits of buying or renting the balloon.

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