Key Factors to Consider When Installing Solar Water Heating system

The solar energy that comes from the sun has been gladly accepted in the recent past as a reliable, cheap and effective means of power. The renewable energy from the sun is converted to make solar power. In Kenya, there have been a steady growing number of people turning to solar power to meet their daily needs and activities. This is evident by the increasing number solar power installations in the country.

The conversion of solar energy to solar power is done by the solar panel. Installation of the panels is done depending on the use or energy requirement, the location of the house, the company contracting for you, the cost and sometimes the durability.

 The location of the house

Solar panels use the rays of the sun to be able to convert the energy into electricity. For them to be effective, they will need to be in an area that receives sufficient sunlight coverage.  Locations that receive a good amount of sunlight will be more appropriate to use the panels than those with lower amounts. Panels installed need to be in a position where they do not have sun obstructions such buildings and trees. Also the surface for the installation should provide a good angle with which a good amount of sunlight can be captured.

The requirement or use of the energy

Many people install solar panels for different uses. This ranges from personal use to big property use. Big companies or large areas that use solar panels require huge panels to get sufficient electricity for their needs. Sometimes the energy requirement of a property is determined by whether the solar electricity is the main power or backup. Households that do minimal activities will use a fewer number of panels. Such activities may include; solar heating, solar ventilation, solar lighting and the use of a solar water heater to heat water for use, or cooking.

The company contracting for you

In the country, many business persons are doing solar installation. Different companies have unique offers for their installation package. The majority of the companies that supply quality equipment for you will have a warranty some as long as five years. Some may also provide to installation experts while some might not. The energy required and design of the rooftop will determine the type of solar systems you are to be provided.

The cost

The cost of a service is sometimes one of the main factors that will determine the type of installation and the quality of service. Many people all over the country will complain about their installations because of the poor and cheap services they got. Good quality services with consumer-friendly prices are known to be offered by companies that have a stable reputation over the years. Customers are always advised to go for quality work done by companies with a good reputation to enjoy good maintenance at a cheaper price. Very cheap installations come with a lot of maintenance prices that when added up, will be more expensive.

The lifespan of the panels

The photovoltaic panels have a life span for quality performance. When purchasing a solar panel, one should check the lifespan of the product. Having your installation being done by a quality company will come with panels that have a longer warranty and life. A consumer that will not do thorough checking before purchase will surfer maintenance expenses.


Solar panel energy is a renewable and less expensive electricity source and therefore one should make careful considerations before installing one.

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