Know your roof more closely

Having a sturdy roof over your head is something to appreciate. After all, the security and shelter that a roof offers is extremely valuable. While roofs may appear easy and straightforward from a structural point of view, in reality, they are quite complicated.

To keep its integrity intact, a roof should be cautiously constructed. Here is a guide to know about the primary components of a roofing system right from decking to the shingles. Roofing company in Edmonton can transform your roofing very easily by following these steps:

Major components of a roof

Remove the layers of shingles, and you will see there are a lot of steps to ensure a sturdy, waterproof and efficient roof. Every part has a major role adding to the overall roofing system.


Not only for your back porch, decking is the base laid on the roof rafters to which you will fix everything. Decking material can be anything right from metal, to concrete, plywood to polystyrene. The layer seals and strengthens the roof


A waterproof layer, underlayment is done down over the decking before the application of shingles. There are three major types of underlayment- asphalt saturated, rubberized asphalt and non-bitumen synthetic underlayment.

Drip edge or flashing

Flashing channels water to the gutter systems, avoiding leaks in the roof and helping in enhancing its lifespan. Flashing is manufactured from angled aluminum strips or galvanized steel which is pinned into place. You can safeguard it over the underlayment at the roof sides and below it at the eaves.


Roof tiles or shingles can be made of clay, rubber, asphalt, metal or any other material. They make a protective shell for your roof. A professional roofing company in Edmonton will lay it carefully in a regular pattern to avoid leaks and help in enhancing the visual appeal of your house from the street level.

Surely, it takes a lot to create a perfect roof. Hence, it is essential to note that the above are only the primary components needed to cover your roof; the basic structure and finishing elements such as gutters and fascia are equally important and should be installed along with roofing. If you need roof installation, replacement or repair, then you can contact the professionals at All in One Exteriors.

Have a roof repair in Edmonton?

If your roof is leaking, or you think that something isn’t right with your roof, then you should hire professionals to fix the problem.

They will first perform a roof assessment i.e. a detailed inspection of the roof, flashing, insulation and ventilation to diagnose the root issue and the cost of repairing it. If it is a shingle repair, skylight or chimney repair, it can be handled immediately.

In case your roof is leaking because of deterioration or improper installation of flashing, then the professionals will look out for the issue and repair it. All in One Exterior is your one-stop solution to get all types of roof repairs and replacement done by the hands of professionals at the best price.

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