Let’s talk about burnout

We live in a world where we are asked to constantly perform at work. It is pumped in us to outdo others. The evaluations are used to get to us. Working off hours is the norm. Ditching vacation and social events are what legends are made of.

After this endless tirade then, you wonder why you are exhausted. Why are you falling ill frequently? Why is stress creeping up to you to the point where you cannot shrug it off? The answer is: you are having a burnout.

But what is burnout?

Burnout is the state that occurs when you are extremely exhausted, in terms of both mental and physical health. It then makes you devoid of energy, with no hope and nothing more left in you.

Alongside causing stress and detachment from people at work, burnout also decreases productivity. It also increases the risk of physical ailments like flu, cold and even heart disease, that then merits the intervention of the Best Internal Medicine specialist in Lahore.

Burnout also has an impact on your emotional health. It makes you more prone to resentment and anger. It causes a surge of negative emotions, because you are just so tired of life, and people therein.

Impact of burnout


Burnout also naturally takes a toll on your physical health. Often, people work at the expense of sleeping or eating, which then manifests in the form of different ailments. Lack of quality shuteye is associated with chronic ailments like heart disease, diabetes, depression and may even lead to obesity.

Moreover, when you are not taking a healthy diet, your body is not getting adequate nutrients. Its functioning is then compromised. There is also the risk of nutrient deficiency and the resultant problems.

Impaired mental health

New Vision Psychology Sydney note that burnout wreaks havoc on your mental peace. It increases stress levels in the body. Moreover, one is then unable to handle this stress properly, which exacerbates their condition.

Similarly, burnout also leads to increase in risk for depression and anxiety. It also increases the feeling of apathy, alongside making one short tempered. All of these are then not conducive to productive life.


Due to chronically high stress levels, one is also more likely to suffer from inflammation. Long-term inflammation has been linked with serious problems like diabetes and cancer.


Burnout also causes physical aches around the body, due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, when you are working all the time, your body is not getting a break. Being in the same odd posture leads to aches and pains around the joints, especially when your working space is not ergonomically designed. The situation is even worse for people who do not exercise.

Secondly, high stress levels also contribute towards pains, especially stomach ache.

Remedying burnout


Having a good diet is important to keep your energy levels up. Your body and brain will only work if they are given the right fuel.

Live to work or work to live

Work is not akin to oxygen, therefore, stop treating it so. You will not die if you cut yourself some slack and take a break. Having a healthy work-life balance is imperative to prevent things from escalating to the point of burnout.

Try to cut back your hours. Get sufficient sleep. Spend time with your family. Be happy!

Stress management

You also should invest in stress management. In this endeavor, you can try yoga, exercise, mindfulness, meditation, massage etc. These habits are not time consuming, and the results they offer are rather profound.

Getting help

Burnout has an extreme impact on your mental and physical health. After recognizing that you are indeed experiencing burnout, alongside managing your work better, you might also need help from an expert therapist if your stress levels are beyond your control. For mitigating the damage done to your physical health, you should seek help from the Internal Medicine doctor Lahore.

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