Making Your Business More Environmentally Friendly

Recent climate change news has woken up a lot of people and led them to make lifestyle changes in the long-term. The problem is, it’s not just the things we do at home that can cause climate change. Its businesses and industries that cause the most pollution, so it’s important that businesses look at ways to make their processes more environmentally friendly. Here are some tips that can immediately reduce your carbon footprint.

Make deliveries more efficient

Deliveries and logistics account for a lot of your carbon footprint, as lorries on the road mean pollution and more. Consider consulting with a firm such as who can find more efficient ways to do your delivery. Not only does this save you money, it also means you product less pollution as a company, so it’s a win-win all round. Companies like Zoom2U Courier Melbourne are empowering small to medium businesses to make the B2B and B2C delivery process easier and avoiding large, nationally funded bodies to have products moved safely. 

Look at how you package things

Packaging is also a big contributor to Chrysler plans go all electric by 2028 as Climate Change Concerns Grow. But you can minimise your impact by:

  • Minimising the packaging used on each product
  • Using environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging
  • Looking at how things are shipped – do you need to double box things?
  • Getting feedback from customers

Again, changing your packaging could potentially save you money and improve your environmental credentials, so it’s something worth looking into. 

Switch to green energy

Energy bills can be a big business expense, and if you’re using fossil fuels, you’re also having a big environmental impact. Considering installing solar panels, or looking at options such as switching to green energy tariffs, which take minimal effort yet help to instantly reduce your carbon footprint. Solar panels can even potentially earn your business money, as you can feed energy back into the grid, which you are paid for. 

Find out about schemes and tax breaks

The government is helping businesses to get greener. This means that you may be able to join a scheme to help your business with environmental changes, or you may even be able to get tax relief or breaks simply for making changes. Look into green taxes and reliefs that are designed to help your business. If you are worried about the cost of making your business more environmentally friendly, then it’s worth seeing what your local government may offer you. A lot of times, you can use these schemes to your advantage, as it can get you the improvements and investment that your business needs anyway. 

If you’re looking to make your business greener, there are a lot of ways you can do so. The best part is, going green has advantages for your business beyond the feelgood factor. Your business can potentially save money and become more efficient, offering a better service for a lower price. You can enjoy lower overheads and much more, all from making a few changes. It’s also a good excuse to take a look at many aspects of your business and see what and what isn’t working, so you can make things much more efficient and practical. Why not take a look at your environmental impact today? 

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