Massage to Relieve Workplace Tension

Standing for eight-plus hours a day, whether as a waitress, a teacher, a builder, a nurse, or any other occupation that requires standing, puts great stress builder, a nurse, or any other occupation that requires standing, puts great stress on the muscles of the back, legs, and neck. On the other hand, those who sit all day at their jobs might experience harmful stress to other joints and muscles, such as back, hips, and shoulders, which can inhibit natural circulation in the body.

Frequent massage is essential for the health and well-being of all muscles when the body is stressed from constant standing or sitting. Those who work with repetitive motion benefit from massage, too. Whether wielding a hammer or typing on a keyboard, constant use of the same muscles within the body structure can create chronic dysfunction in those muscles as well as the muscles in the surrounding area.

People in service to others, such as medical professionals, emergency workers, educators, parents, and bodyworkers, call on their bodies to perform, often with no regard to rest. For those people, receiving massage is receiving instruction on relaxation. The person being worked on will surrender, and so restore the mind and the body to calmness.

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Massage and Sports

Massage is a useful tool in the overall conditioning of muscles used for action in exercise. By stimulating muscles, massage tones them for peak performance. Massaging the muscles after strenuous exercise also helps to relax them, pulling out waste quickly. If an injury has been sustained, massage improves circulation and lymphatic function, allowing for speedier repair.

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