Most Common Foundation Repair Mistakes Miami, FL

Foundation Repair is a complex process, and there are many ways to do it wrong. This article will go over the most common foundation repair mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

Using Inferior Materials

When it comes to foundation repair, experienced contractors know the materials needed and will only use those that are appropriate for whatever project they’re working on. Inexperienced ones may recommend using poor quality mixtures or inappropriate products, which can cause more harm than good in some cases.

For example, While concrete epoxy is a great way to repair cracks in your foundation, some contractors will use polyurethane instead. It not only seals moisture intrusion and protects the integrity of the original strength but also has many advantages over injection-based repairs, such as being cheaper and faster!

One advantage with using polyurethane sealant versus injecting cement into these cracks, though? It can fill more than one hole at once, so you’ll save money on labor by getting rid of an old crack before working on something new – make sure it’s thinned enough beforehand so there aren’t any air pockets when setting up things like rebar stretchers between modules (which may help prevent future damage).

You only watch Symptoms without Cause.

In hindsight, it would have been more efficient and cost-effective to address the underlying cause of your problems. You might not realize you’re committing this mistake with an inexperienced contractor because they only focus on manifestation/s instead!

In retrospect, I’m sure that repairing everything one by one is a huge waste of time when there are easier ways out, like just addressing the root issue rather than fixing all these foundation repairs.

Finding a Wrong Problem

Foundation repair in Miami contractors have a lot of experience with different types of foundation failures. They can draw from this expertise to quickly identify what caused or is causing the problem and give you an idea about how much it will cost for repairs in terms that are both accurate and useful. Inexperienced contractors may come up with unnecessary – maybe even useless- but still costly solutions.

Implementing Wrong Techniques

Proper foundation repair requires a contractor with integrity. The best ones will present an impeccable set of credentials, come armed with impressive equipment, and arrive in the posse you expect from your top choice for this type of service but without all those other little details which can make or break it: experience, tools needed to get the job done right and desire on behalf, not just themselves but also their team members who might have limited training as well.

Repair proposals are only worth the paper they’re written on if you understand what condition your home is in. Is there an underlying cause? Are both contractors offering solutions or just differences in price for similar work, and why does it exist? Don’t take shortcuts; know all of the details before making any decisions with regards to repairs.

Don’t just settle for the first contractor you find. Foundation repair can be an important investment, so make sure to do your research and hire only qualified professionals.


Invest wisely by getting an inspection from one of our technicians today before making any decisions that will affect yourself and future homeowners in similar situations as yours who may need help down the line.

If you have any foundation issues with your home, contact us for an inspection today.

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