Myths and Facts about Liquid Chlorophyll

Liquid chlorophyll is taking social media by a storm. Many young people are sharing videos of them taking liquid chlorophyll on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. And others are jumping on the bandwagon and also sharing similar videos in a bid to fit in. But what really is the hype around liquid chlorophyll? Is it just a passing cloud or there’s more to the claims people are making about it? Well, we are here to debunk all the myths and separate them from the facts. This will help you know the truth about taking a chlorophyll shot. For starters, visit to learn more about taking a chlorophyll shot.

The liquid chlorophyll trend came with some extravagant claims, some of which are true, while others are just plain lies. What is liquid chlorophyll capable of doing and what can’t it do? Well, read on to the end and learn the facts about taking a chlorophyll shot.

Myth: Drinking Chlorophyll is Harmful

There are rumors going around about drinking liquid chlorophyll, and it is important that you know the truth. Some people claim that it can harm the human body. According to research, drinking chlorophyll can’t harm you. The only possible side effects, which are also rare, include green coloration in urine, skin irritation, and GI distress. But liquid chlorophyll has some amazing benefits to the human body including weight control, detoxification, and prevention of cancer.

It is advisable that you check with your doctor before drinking chlorophyll, in case you have any medical condition. Also, it would help to avoid it if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, as research studies on the effects on this group are limited. But as more and more research continues, you might just realize that there aren’t any side effects for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Myth: Drinking too much of a Chlorophyll Shot Can Cause Issues in Your Body

At the moment, there isn’t any limitation as to how much chlorophyll you can take. In fact, there isn’t really any safe upper limit for a chlorophyll shot. However, experts recommend that you maintain the dose between 100-300mg every day.

Myth: Chlorophyll Cures Acne Instantly

While chlorophyll might help with the control of acne and its effects, there haven’t been enough studies on the same. Therefore, social media claims that it can cure acne instantly are limited. Nonetheless, it can help to manage the condition in various aspects. In fact, many who have used chlorophyll water have seen the benefits for their skin. But just so you know, the benefits aren’t as instant as many would claim they are.

Fact: Chlorophyll can Help Detoxify the Body

This is a fact backed by evidence. Drinking chlorophyll can help detoxify your body of different toxins. It is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, just like greens do. And this can further help with wound healing. Aside from that, it can help boost your energy in a great way.

Fact: Chlorophyll Prevents Cancer

Due to the fact that chlorophyll has antioxidant properties and reduces inflammation, it has been linked with the prevention of cancer. Nonetheless, research is still ongoing about the full benefits of this drink in the fight against certain types of cancer. Research shows that chlorophyll helps to reduce the formation and spread of free radicals in the body.

Fact: Chlorophyll has Antibacterial Properties

Drinking chlorophyll can help cure bacterial infections in your body thanks to the antibacterial properties that it has. Nonetheless, you can’t directly equate it to antibiotics. Antibiotics are stronger and can help more in curing bacterial infections. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to supplement them with drinking a chlorophyll shot regularly. It can help boost your immune system.

Myth: It is better to Use Synthetic Forms of Chlorophyll

It is claimed that synthetic forms of chlorophyll can avoid digestion – hence are better to use regularly. But studies on this are still limited. Therefore, it isn’t a fact that it is better to use synthetic forms of chlorophyll, or that it can be more beneficial to the human body.

And if anything, the fact that they aren’t natural beats the logic of using them. People are constantly looking for natural options, and it is a doubt that those in the wellness industry will endorse it soon.

Myth: Liquid Chlorophyll isn’t Ideal for Kids

Research on the use of chlorophyll by persons under the age of 18 isn’t out there yet. So, you can’t really claim that a chlorophyll shot isn’t ideal for a kid. However, to be on the safe side, it is better not to give chlorophyll water to persons under 18 years of age and breastfeeding or pregnant women. Well, until we get some significant research on the same.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the myths and facts surrounding the use of a liquid chlorophyll shot. Now, it is up to you to gauge whether you still want to use it or not.

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