N26 Bank: An Easy Way To Manage Your Foreign Currency Accounts

N26 Bank is a licensed digital bank offering free transactions in many currencies. It is especially preferred by freelancers, self-employed people, and travelers.

N26 offers an easy sign-up without paperwork. Furthermore, it provides three account options, one of them being completely free.

Key Features of the N26 Bank

  • Through the N26 app, you can make transfers in 19 currencies,
  • You can withdraw money from ATMs up to five times a month for free,
  • You’ll get a free MasterCard debit card, and a free Maestro card. N26 doesn’t require an annual fee for your credit card,
  • Through your N26 Mastercard, you can withdraw euros from any ATM in the world. If it’s a paid account, you can withdraw any currency from any ATM for free,
  • Both the application and the website are in English. The messages they send, and the customer support are also in English,
  • You can also use it in other languages like French, Spanish, Italian, and German,
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay integration are available.

How To Sign Up for N26

Signing up takes about only 10 minutes. To open an account, you need a phone with a camera. You’ll download the N26 app, and check the best account option. After you open the app, you’ll join a video chat. Then, you send pictures of your document, and that’s all. Your bank card will arrive after a few days.

You need to be a resident of one of the following countries to open an account: Germany, USA, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, and Liechtenstein.

Also, you need to be at least 18 years of age. Note that you also need to certify your information in one of these languages: English, Spanish, German, French, or Italian.

Three Different Account Options and Fees

The N26 Standard account is free to open. With this option, you can make payments in any currency for free. Also, you can withdraw euros from any ATM for free.

The second option is N26 You. This plan charges €9.90 per month. In this plan, free ATM withdrawal is available worldwide in any currency. For travelers, an insurance package is also available. Also, payments are free worldwide in any currency.

The third option is N26 Metal. This one charges €16,90 per month. It includes everything N26 You has. In addition, it offers dedicated customer support as well as customized unique services.

Pros and Cons of N26 Bank

N26 bank offers several advantages especially for individuals who make transactions in different currencies. If you’re a self-employed person who travels a lot, it is useful for you as well.

On the other hand, some issues with the bank may cause problems for some. Let’s quickly go through some of the N26 reviews.


  • You don’t need to go to the bank. You can make any transaction online/via the app;
  • Push notifications are available: You’ll receive a quick notification every time you make a transaction. It makes it easier to check unusual situations;
  • N26 categorizes your transactions automatically. In this way, you can find them more quickly. You can also see statistics of your spending each month;
  • Fingerprint login is an optional alternative to a password;
  • Privacy mode is available to hide your account balance if you wish;
  • You can also request money through your account;
  • You can link your bank account to your N26 account as well;
  • Through the app, you can make payments without carrying your card with you.


  • You may have a problem verifying your passport. Unfortunately, some passports are not supported. You’ll need to print a document when the video ID doesn’t work. Then you need to take the document to the post office. After they confirm your identity, you’ll receive your N26 card in a few days;
  • The application includes two-factor authentication. So, if you can’t access your phone, you can’t access your bank account. The same problem occurs when you try the desktop website;
  • If you consider making investments, you’ll not find many options in N26,
  • Although rare, you may find that some parts are not translated to English completely.

In short, N26 is a safe and completely online bank. It has millions of users in the world. It proves useful if you need to travel often and make transactions in different currencies.

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