Choosing the correct tyres for your caravan, camper or RV isn’t just a financial choice; it is an important decision regarding the safety and security of your friends and family when traveling. When searching for the best fit-for-purpose tyres to suit your needs, you need to ensure that they meet a range of factors, which we will discuss here.


When tyre manufacturers design and test their tyre models extensively before releasing them tyre dealers for sale. This rigorous testing over 100s of kilometres and over practically every type of surface you will find in Australia. Often these tests are simulated in large research facilities, but the feedback to the manufacturers doesn’t stop once they are sold to the public. Dealers regularly give feedback on performance and customer experiences back to the manufacturers. Often this information is factored in when designing the next tyre version.


Everyone would have heard the saying “you get what you pay for”. This has never been truer when it comes to the selection of your caravan tyres. When traveling on sealed roads or off-road, caravan tyres are typically under considerable load. They need to be able to efficiently perform under these loads, while also being able to handle the road surface conditions. Road surface types differ from sand and rocks to mud and slippery slopes. So it is important to select the tyre that best matches what you are using your caravan for – especially if you intend on leaving the seal roads to discover that ideal campsite.

Therefore, it is important to recognize that it pays to acquire the best quality tyres you can afford. Price is not the only factor, there is tread pattern, load-carrying capacity, and tyre wall stability that also needs to be considered.


You can do preliminary research online where you will find many blogs, videos, and tyre manufacturer websites promoting their tyres as the best solution. While this information is often quite helpful, the best information will generally come from your local tyre dealer. These people work with tyres every day and have often received information and briefing from tyre manufacturers. Dealers also hear feedback from customers who may have bought and used the tyres that you are considering, so they have insights into the performance of tyres under real Australian conditions.

In summary, it is best to consider price, performance and your requirements as a collective and seek advice from people who really know tyres.

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