The 5 Commandments of Web Design That Truly Work

You can’t design a website with whatever element you can think of. You must be careful with what you put in it if you want to see the best results. Remember that web design isn’t only about aesthetic appeal. You also have other considerations to ensure that people will appreciate the page. Here are the five commandments in web design that expert website design San Antonio agencies recommend that could work in your favor. 

  • Be careful in choosing colors

Your chosen color must reflect your brand. Be careful in determining what your company color would be. You don’t want to use bright colors when you’re targeting older people. You also don’t want to create a dull website with neutral colors when your primary audiences are children. It’s not only about how appealing the page is. It’s also about how well you understand the people you’re selling the products to. You want them to believe that you care about their interests. 

  • Be consistent 

Apart from your website, you also advertise your products on different platforms. It includes your social media pages. Consistency is key to success. It also helps in making sure that everyone remembers what your business is about. Use the same colors and elements across platforms. There might be differences between the content and presentation, but there must be similar elements. 

  • Create a responsive website 

Responsiveness is also part of web design. You can’t run a website that isn’t responsive enough. Remember that more people are using their smartphones these days to browse information online. If there are issues when opening the website on a mobile device, it could pose a significant problem. It will eventually peel people off until they no longer care about your company. 

  • Remove unnecessary elements 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when designing your website. You’re free to do whatever you want if it helps improve the aesthetic appeal. The problem is when you pour too much into the same page. Take a step back and see if you already have a lot. It applies to other types of designs too. You feel excited about making things look good, and they no longer have the same appeal. You might have to take away a couple of pictures or graphics. 

Another problem when you have a lot on the table is it slows the website down. It will eventually be unresponsive. When visitors take several minutes to see the content, they will leave. You don’t want it to happen. 

  • Find the best images and videos 

Every element that goes into the website should play a role in making it exciting. Pick the right pictures and videos. They have to boost your page. The images must be sharp and easy to understand. The videos must also be interesting. Avoid using stock photos since they don’t appeal to anyone. They’re generic pictures no one cares about. Instead, look for real people who can model your products. They can even write testimonials to prove that your products are of excellent quality. 

Videos are also useful since they quickly go viral. When people appreciate how informative or entertaining the videos are, they will keep browsing. You may collaborate with influencers to ensure that the videos will be popular.

Ask for help

The best part about designing a website is you can pour as many creative ideas as you can. You don’t have to worry about how to put them together since web design experts are there. Consider working with a web design agency. These people know how important web design is in SEO and other online marketing efforts. They can help improve the page and boost overall sales. 

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