The Difference Between Normal Cleaners And Enzymatic Cleaners

If you’re a pet owner you probably searched everywhere for natural products to clean your pet stains and perhaps came across enzymatic cleaners, an innovative alternative to traditional cleaners that don’t damage your furniture or produce a harsh chemical scent.

To help you understand both cleaners and how they differ from each other, below you can find a useful article with everything you need to know about normal cleaners and enzymatic cleaners, including some basic information about their composition, how they react to a pet stain, and the aftermath of their use.

What Are Enzymatic Cleaners?

Enzymatic cleaners are a unique solution for tedious pet stains and foul odours. They are specialised cleaning products that use enzymes (organic molecules that act as a catalyst to produce a certain biochemical reaction) to help get to the root of the stain and completely eliminate it. In essence, enzymatic cleaners speed up the process without damaging your furniture or releasing a very strong scent.

Normal cleaners, on the other hand, are made with different components such as alcohols and surfactants for dissolving grease. They also have small amounts of ammonia and perfumes that are water-miscible solvents.

Why Should Pet Owners Invest In Enzymatic Cleaners?

You might have heard that enzyme cleaners are the number one solution for pet owners, and here’s why. Enzyme cleaners use “good” bacteria to digest stains, odours, soils, and wastes by engaging in a specific process where it breaks down the components of the stain and naturally eliminates it without damaging anything.

The benefits of enzyme cleaners are diverse and worth mentioning. Overall, enzyme cleaners are healthier than normal cleaning products due to their natural formula and composition, which can easily penetrate the pet stain and remove marks and foul odours in seconds. Once you apply an enzyme cleaner it keeps working for hours even if you can’t really see it, ensuring that soils and odours are completely removed. What’s more, this “good” bacteria is great for eliminating disease-causing bacteria that are compromising for us humans and pets.

PetLab specialises in enzymatic cleaning and produced Australia’s best enzymatic cleaner product, great for pet owners that want to keep their home clean and sanitised at all times and without having to spend a fortune on various products and cleaning gadgets.

Enzymatic Cleaners vs Normal Cleaners Final Words

All in all, enzymatic cleaners are a breakthrough solution for any pet stain you might have. Using natural components that quickly break down the stain until it is completely dissolved and free of any foul odour. PetLab offers a unique alternative to clean your home that is specially made with your pet’s health in mind, which is why you should take a look at the product and try it for yourself. PetLab offers a 45-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied, but given the odds, that’s almost impossible!

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