The Effects of Massage on the Skin

The skin receives tremendous benefit from massage. Massage helps to remove the top layer of dead cells, improving the condition of the skin and making it look and feel healthier. Circulation is improved, bringing a new supply of blood to the sebaceous glands. As the fresh blood circulates, the sebaceous glands produce more sebum to keep the skin soft and supple.

Improved circulation also stimulates the sweat glands, allowing for the release of toxins. At the same time the blood vessels expand, providing nutrients to the skin. Massage helps to release fatty tissue from the body as well as break up scar tissue. Massage is essential to the support and function of the body systems.

As massage reduces the stress in the body it allows the body and its various systems to function at the highest level possible. Massage is a preventative tool as well as a remedial benefit. Whether you have great health or are suffering from a chronic issue, massage is an important and helpful adjunct to better health. Chronic issue, massage is an important and helpful adjunct to better health.

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Getting Started Preparing Yourself

Before you actually give a massage, you should allow yourself time to relax and de-stress. Remember, touch is a vehicle of communication; therefore, it is important to have calm, loving intention when you approach the recipient. Helping someone feel good is always a joyful event; the natural process of massage is an enjoyable way to spread the love.

You will want to help your client to feel as relaxed and safe as possible, says massage therapist in Cheshire, DidemUruk. Professional training courses will usually have a module dedicated to client care.


There are many ways to generate and maintain a relaxed, caring attitude before giving someone a massage: Meditate or exercise. Give yourself a massage while listening to your favorite music. Try a guided visualization designed to relax you.

Get out into nature and breathe deeply. As you become familiar with various styles of relaxation, you will find those that fit you. The best forms of relaxation teach you how to listen to your body, and when you understand what you need, you can become aware of the needs of others.

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