The importance of tiling and things to notice

Making the home beautiful is everyone’s wish, and it needs a lot of work. One of the significant works is tiling, and it requires a lot of care and precision. From the selection of tiles to the finishing, it requires a lot of work. Australia has a projected growth rate of 2.4 per cent in the construction sector. This increased construction rate also increases the need for tiling and workers and it explains why more people than ever are choosing to take wall and floor tiling courses to fully qualify as tilers.

In Australia, there are several suppliers for tiling products. But selecting a quality product will help achieve the best long-lasting result. The tiling may not look necessary at first, and many people go with low-quality materials.

The importance and considerations on tiling are:

  • Easy to clean: Maintaining a home clean is no easy task. It requires a lot of time and work to accomplish. Choosing quality tiles will help to avoid this problem. The tiled surfaces are much easier to clean and maintain. Most of the stains affecting the tiled floor can be removed with a simple cleaning.
  • Long-lasting: The tiling method is more long-lasting than other methods like wood flooring. Also, it is much less prone to damages and other problems. Weathering is also less affecting on tiled surfaces and can withstand higher temperatures.
  • More elegant: Due to the wide range of designs and colours available, it is easy to make the desired design. The person can render unique patterns with the help of various tiling products.

Factors to consider during selection:

  • Purpose: The purpose is the determinant factor of selecting the right tile product. Not all the spaces in the house are tiling with the same type of material. In the kitchen, the chance of staining and accidental scratches are high and need a product more resistant to these problems. In the bathrooms and toilets, the floor will be wet all the time. The chance of slipping is high, and hence need tile products with more grip. Such products will help to reduce the slipping problems.
  • Colour: Colour can be selected according to the owner’s wish. But the tile is a crucial part of the lighting of the space. The dark colours can make the room less bright and need to provide more lighting and cause higher energy usage. Places where the chance of stains and dirtying is high, can choose for dark coloured material.
  • Design: Now, many patterns are available in the tile product range. So it is easy to select the required one, but choose the form according to the application. Try to make different designs for various parts of the house to make it more beautiful.

Other concerns:

  • Waterproofing: It is a crucial step after tiling. The water can leak through the tiles to enter the main structure. This problem can cause damages to the construction and corrosion in the metal reinforcement, and waterproofing can avoid the chance of leaking water through the tile gap.
  • Preparing the surface: Tiling requires an even plane surface to look elegant. Otherwise, the tiling will become hard and will not get the best finish.
  • Adhesive: Use proper adhesive to avoid the damaging of tile. The less powerful product is not suitable for wet surfaces like swimming pools.
  • Corners: Corners need careful adjustment for proper fit. Use precise tile cutting machines to cut the required size of tile pieces for corners.
  • Cleaning process: Usually, cleaning the tile is easy. Using the proper cleaning liquid can make it easier, but ensure the liquid is safe for the tile product. Some concentrated cleaning products can damage the tiled surfaces, so make sure it never happens. Cleaning the freshly tiled area will require more work. The grout and other remains need to chip off.

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