The Perfect Pair Of Shoes You Need This Season

A wise man once said, If you want to judge a man, look at his shoes. Mens shoes are something that tells a story by themselves.

Finding that ideal pair of shoes for a given setting can get challenging, with so many options available at every turn. This article will walk you through some of the best types of shoes you definitely need to have in your collection this season.

4 Types of Shoes You Need In 2022

Mens Shoes come in different types and varieties. From trainers to boots, there’s a myriad of options available at your disposal. However, the key is to stick tight with the tried and tested basics.

These four types of shoes are all you need to stand out from the crowd this year.


You think of oxfords, and the first mental image that hits your brain is of a well-dressed, dapper-looking man. Yes, oxfords are that one pair of formal shoes you definitely can’t leave out from your collection.

Oxfords originated from Scotland and Ireland and gained popularity when rebel students wore them instead of the traditional Knee-high boots.

One golden rule for oxfords is to always pair them with formal pants. A pair of well-tailored pants and classic oxfords is all you need to be the charm of the party.


Want to dress up but don’t want to overdress? Don’t worry. The answer to your dilemma is a high-quality pair of loafers. It is a perfect pair of shoes for work and parties.

The easy slip-on quality and versatility of loafers make them a lovely option for you busy men who are always on the move.

Loafers are usually worn sans-socks, but if you want to pair them with socks, you can go with any colour other than white.


Here comes the bad boy game. If you want a pair of shoes that express your bold personality, then a dope pair of sneakers is precisely what you need.

You can choose to finish off your casual outfit with a pair of retro sneakers to give it that extra kick. You can experiment between classic and modern and see what works best for you.

The key with sneakers is to go with simple, solid colours. The simpler the colour, the more timeless your sneakers become.


To top off your collection of mens shoes, you need a solid and long-lasting pair of leather boots. An ideal pair of boots will provide you with a rugged and manly look that no other footwear can match.

Leather boots are the clear winners when it comes to winter footwear. The durable, rough and tough leather forms a rugged exterior that traps in heat and keeps out the wind.

Pair your boots with a pair of stylish denim, and you are ready to rule the cold.

Final Verdict

Mens shoes are one of the most essential parts of their outfit. Getting the right pair of shoes for the right occasion can often be tricky. However, these 4 types of shoes will solve your dilemma more often than not.

Irrespective of whatever challenges life throws at you, a fantastic pair of footwear will always help you move forward.

Grab your ideal shoes today!

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