Things That Can Ruin Your Child Custody

It becomes challenging to handle the stress of separation when child custody is involved. Even though many actions are engaged in child custody, one should keep in mind that your efforts will significantly impact the child’s behavior and well-being. A Divorce Lawyer Ottawa will let you know your options and the consequences of child custody.

Your judge will determine the child’s “best interest” when making a rule on the custody plan. Many factors are involved in making such a decision by the judge.

Things that can ruin your child custody

Certain things can exceptionally ruin your child custody case; therefore, it is best to know them beforehand and act accordingly.

  • Badmouthing your spouse

The worse you can do, putting it in written form. If you think that your spouse and friends are not checking your Facebook or social media page, you are wrong. They will save all of your posts and R-rated text messages. Today’s digital era will provide numerous ways to give evidence and humiliate you in front of the judge. Do think twice before expressing verbally and digitally. 

  • Engaging yourself in a fight with your spouse.

You can even get arrested and ruin the custody case if you engage in family violence. And yes, the responding officer will not care if “he/she first started it.” Going to jail will ruin your life, and also the threat of criminal prosecution will affect you in the future. 

  • Fighting with your cheating wife’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

Everyone knows you hate him/her. But that does not mean you will threaten them with text messages or pick up a fight out of your anger. You have the right to be angry, but losing your cool will only increase the complexity of your case. 

  • Spending your days with your friends and colleagues doing parties.

Even if you want some time for yourself relaxing on weekends, assume that your spouse is keeping an eye on you, whether it’s a friend or a private investigator. If you are caught drinking alcohol or abusing drugs, it will be harder for you to explain it to the judge.

  • Ignoring your lawyer’s advice

WRG family lawyers Townsville are experienced in the field of family and divorce law. They know the best practices and what should be avoided during a custody case. Follow your lawyer’s instructions and do not perform anything without asking your lawyer first.

The best thing you can do about child custody is to be a concerned, attentive, and mature parent. Make sacrifices for the betterment of your children. Spend time with your kids, go for a walk, buy them their favorite things. If your spouse plays games with you, do not stoop to that level.

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