Top 5 Facts About Australian Car Culture

There are numerous reasons why the car culture in Australia is intriguing. The “Land Down Under” has given birth to famous gearheads like John Brabham. Moreover, the passion for cars has facilitated the rise of companies like

The Australian Automotive Industry contributed $37 billion to the economy last year. Similarly, the world of motorsports also changed.

Are you a car enthusiast looking to understand the fun facts about Australian car culture? So, buckle up and read on!

Aussies are obsessed with the car industry and everything it entails. Take a look at the facts about this industry in Australia. Here are some facts:

  • Holden vs. Ford

In the streets of ‘60s Australia, Holden and Ford dominated. Back then, buying a car was a commitment for Aussies. Moreover, children determined authority and loyalty depending on the cars their parents drove.

This rivalry has been going on for years, and racers have become the last piece. In the racing tracks of Australia, you will see iconic moments that have become the backbone of the Ford-Holden legend.

  • Biggest Car Making Market

Did you know that Australia is the biggest market for sport models like Renault and GTI? Moreover, Volkswagen also makes up for a huge sales portion.

Australia houses a huge market and demand for AMG, which ranks up Mercedes-Benz sales.

The country has a huge public transport network. Due to this, cities are connected, and people love driving through the beautiful Australian roads.

  • The Priority of Handling

The east coast has a huge population. The best driving roads are in the north of Melbourne, namely the Great Dividing and the Yarra range. However, no racer can live their hearts out on the streets since speed cameras, and numerous police patrols cover it.

Although, most speed enthusiasts would prefer to go around bumpy roads rather than highways. Therefore, the country has a higher priority for thrill and speed over other aspects.

  • Summernats – The Biggest Car Festival

A car fanatic should have 100% heard of Summernats. It is the biggest car festival that brings numerous people and attractive cars into the Exhibition Park.

The Summernats was founded in the ‘80s by Canberran Chic Henry, which attracts more than 100,000 crowds.

You can witness a diverse audience with modified cars and competitions. Furthermore, it hosts competitions or showdowns for paintwork, engineering etc.

  • Motorsport Park in Sydney

Sydney’s Motorsport Park is a haven for motor enthusiasts. Every Wednesday, it hosts an electrifying event.

You will find numerous cars in the burnout and drag event. These cars will vary in euro, muscle, old and new features. Moreover, you will find young car owners flex egos and compete for a prize.

The engines you witness in this event will surely destress you for a long time.

The Bottom Line

Australia and motor racing are a true amalgamation of perfection. Various events enhance the true essence of Australian car culture. Moreover, if you visit these events and witness the beauty of vehicles, you will remain awestruck.

Companies like are emerging from the public enthusiasm for cars. Be it Holden vs Ford, races or more, one thing that brings the country together is its events.

Are you intrigued enough to visit Australia soon?

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