Using WhatsApp for Marketing & Promotion

WhatsApp can be used to send images, audio files, short video clips of your products and text messages. Delivery chances are high and there are few restrictions on the format. Bear in mind that you should not spam your customers with WhatsApp messages. You should use WhatsApp to connect with existing loyal customers rather than trying to reach new customers.

In order to get a really good response, you need to come up with creative ways to promote your business using WhatsApp. For example, Colgate invited people to send selfies of their smile via WhatsApp, to a phone number displayed on the toothpaste pack.

Prepare a database

Make a contacts lists, thus you are creating a database, labeling your customers according to their interests. It is important to get to know the interests of your clients you are targeting with your marketing efforts, this way, you can focus on them and you’ll more likely to get a positive response. In addition to separating current and potential customers, you must keep continuously updating your database, in order to implement appropriate tools for each.

Create groups

Besides preparing a database with all your contacts, the idea is to create separate groups for keeping them up to date with news, upcoming services or special offers. WhatsApp allows you to create such groups by selecting that option on its system.

This is a great way for keeping in touch with your customers. The Group Chat allows you to chat with up to 100 people at once. Besides, you get to administrate these groups. You can include or exclude any participants or change the subject and image, among other things.

Define your message

When you are finished separating your contacts, the next step is working on the message you want to deliver. Define the message you want to communicate, the type of message and to whom it is addressed.

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