Waiting For Elijah: A Captivating Adventure

Sheila J. Wood takes you on a journey of a lifetime where characters are built, images are created, and you are suddenly connected to the world of the unknown. However, people like to move with the story and keep unfolding the layers of suspense and history. As the book clearly defines the struggles of those who were affected by war and those who came after them, you begin the journey that never ends, and you keep the process of thinking active and alive. The book talks to you about the WWII war machine as it is famously remembered in the book and discusses the effects of the war, both at the human level and at the economic level, that resonate long after the war has ended.

  1. What is the essence of the story:

War is complex, and people who try to unfold the mystery of war become a mystery in themselves. Some reviews of this book remind us that it is captivating at deep levels while others find the story to be moving in each moment. We all know that book reviews are subjective in nature. What is revealed in the reading of this story is that reviewers begin to notice the protagonist Phoebe on her journey toward unlocking the past and they enjoy the whole realm of character building, completing a 365 degree turn in the history and development of her family business while at the same time revealing some truths behind the whole stigma of the WWII industrial complex.

2. What is the theme of the book:

Waiting for Elijah is one of those masterpieces which touches upon every aspect of human life. It primarily focuses upon life and death, love and hate, industry and evils of modern times. But when you read between the lines that are influenced by history, you will surely find out that the themes within the book are more than that. The foundational theme is about surreptitious survival instincts. This book becomes an essential read for everyone who wants to make their place in the world in tough times.

Life presents itself during times of war, but we must not exclude the influences seen by living through the evils that are left after the war and remembering what the world witnessed among the hazards of pre-war business and politics. The complexity of times does not always support actions in the right direction but at the root of survival is that firm and unwavering stance that perseveres in difficult and adverse times supported by the permanence of the human spirit

In presenting Phoebe, the character who begins to unfold the mystery around a murder, the author Sheila J. Wood helps you look within four generations operating in five different European countries and the U.S. to reveal retrospectively how things can become complicated for people all of a sudden as influenced by history.

3. The recurrent aspects of humanity and moral values:

For all those book lovers who want to learn about people, their experiences in life, and also about human values, this book is a complete primer for those who want to enter this journey of experience and learning. Waiting for Elijah is one of the most explicitly explained narratives reflected in words of wisdom where you learn that, against all odds, humans can move forward and take steps to rise against hate and evil powers.

If you are looking to learn about the evils and perils of the war and how the lives of generations were affected by WWII, you need to look at this piece of literature as it gives you insight into the suffering of mankind as it serves to strengthen generations to come. 

 4. What are some of the take away of the book:

Sheila J. Wood allows you to gaze into life-long experiences where it becomes impossible to take your eyes away from the happenings of Phoebe’s family and the world around them. You will be thrilled to notice the changes the characters go through and what makes them different from others.

Their survival instincts, humanistic values, and ability to look for a better world change the whole history of a generation.

So, for the ardent reader, it’s a process of evolving and realizing along with the characters. It will be an enjoyable companion for you this summer. It is a great book.

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