What to consider when selecting the right Ladder.

A ladder has been the most preferable and easiest tool used at work by different people. It is a set of steps with a pole on each side whereby its main purpose is to enable one to reach higher executive points safely. In this article, I will be discussing the features one should look for before purchasing a ladder.

To safely use a ladder, then you need one that reaches the desired height. That is, when climbing up or down a ladder one should be able to determine the correct angle for a ladder in order to ensure safety. For instance, a ladder with the height of 20 feetought to be placed approximately5 feet from the wall’s base being accessed.The following are features to consider when selecting the right ladder to be used.

Proper ladder style

Choosing the right style for the job is the first step to be considered. The various types of ladders are usually designed to keep the user safe and productive when climbing the ladder. It is always advisable for one to carefully read the limitations of climbing equipment so as to minimize or avoid injuries.


Selecting the proper height of a ladder is an important consideration. It is unsafe to use a ladder that is too long or too short. It is advisable to look for the right ladder which can balance well when climbing up or down. Therefore, safety standards require a label on the ladder to indicate the highest standing level.


Mainly,ladders are built from one of the three basic materials; wood, metal [aluminum], and fiberglass. Therefore,the environment of your work site is the first factor in choosing the material from which your ladder is constructed. Since aluminum is an electrical conductor, it is not advisable to use its ladder near sources of electricity because one can easily trip or fall. When working in a place where there is no electrical power sources, then the aluminum ladder is the lightest material compared to wood or fiberglass.


Performance is a significant feature to look for when selecting the correct ladder. For instance, ladders used frequently on a construction site should typically be stronger and have a higher duty rating than a ladder used for light chores around the home or work place. The performance and usage of a ladder depends on the ladder price in Kenya.

Duty rating of the ladder [strength]

This is an indication of the maximum weight capacity the ladder can safely carry. It is also a category assigned to a ladder. The duty rating is assigned by the manufacturer based on the product’s design parameters. It includes the combined weight of the user, clothing and protective equipment, tools and supplies the user is carrying and any materials stored on the ladder.


As seen from the above article, the different features explained should be put into much consideration before purchasing a ladder so as to save time and making work easier.

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