What Type of Benefits You Get by Fake Birth Certificates

A fake birth certificate can be easily obtained from a company that specializes in providing these documents. They often present several anti-forgery features such as special paper and embossed or multicolored seals. In addition, they should be signed by a city, county, or state registrar.

Identity thieves use stolen birth certificates to obtain sensitive information and credentials. They may also request savings bonds purportedly owed by the Treasury Department.

1. You can change your name

There are many reasons to change your name, but it’s important to make sure you do it correctly. Errors on birth certificates can be very costly and may lead to complications.

Criminals use fake documents for a variety of illegal purposes. For example, they may forge a child’s birth certificate in order to get social security benefits or other government services.

Fraudsters also use fake documents to verify identity with financial institutions and to apply for credit cards and loans. These scams often target children because they are unlikely to be reported.

2. You can change your father’s name

Many people are using Fake birth certificate for a variety of purposes, from getting a passport to opening financial accounts. Often, these scams are used to steal money or assets from unsuspecting victims.

In some states, it is possible to remove a non-biological father’s name from the birth record. This requires a legal request with the office of vital records and proof of paternity.

Regardless of the reason for forging documents, it is a crime and should be reported to law enforcement. Depending on the state, it can be a felony or a misdemeanor.

3. You can change your date of birth

Birth certificates are used to verify the identity of individuals and are required for many activities, including applying for a passport, joining the military, getting married, and more. Criminals often forge birth certificates to steal the identity of a person, allowing them to commit crimes and obtain other sensitive documents and materials.

If you suspect that someone has a fake birth certificate, you can report them to law enforcement. Most local police departments have an online complaint form that you can use to make your report.

4. You can change your address

Fraudsters can use your birth certificate to obtain a passport, open financial accounts in your name and take on debts that you’ll be stuck with. To protect yourself, keep it safe at all times.

If your certificate is stolen, you should report it immediately. You can also use a leaked password scanner to check for sensitive information that’s been sold on the Dark Web.

5. You can change your date of birth

The birth certificate is a vital document that provides important information about a person’s identity. It is used for many different purposes, including applying for a passport, gaining employment, and claiming benefits. If you have doubts about the authenticity of a birth certificate, contact law enforcement.

Fraudsters often use fake birth certificates to commit identity theft and other crimes. They may also use them to enter the country illegally. The best way to protect yourself is to keep your birth certificate safe. This will help you avoid fraud and theft.

6. You can change your name

Many people use their birth certificates to prove their identity when applying for a passport, driving license or Social Security card. It also reveals important personal information, such as your full name, place of birth and the names of your parents. This information can be used by scammers to steal your identity and open credit accounts in your name.

Fraudsters can sell leaked birth certificate images after a data breach or purchase physical certificates on the Dark Web. They can then use this information to open financial accounts in your name, or apply for jobs and other government benefits.

7. You can change your date of birth

Getting birth certificates into the wrong hands can have disastrous consequences. When criminals obtain a birth certificate, they can use it to steal personal information and gain access to credit cards and bank accounts. They can also use it to commit other crimes, such as illegally immigrating to the United States.

Real birth certificates present several anti-forgery features, including a government seal and signature. A genuine certificate should also have the person’s name, place of birth, and date of birth. If a document does not have this information, it is likely fake.

8. You can change your address

Using fake birth certificates is illegal and can lead to serious consequences. If you suspect that someone has a fake birth certificate, you should report it to the police. You may also want to contact ICE if you believe that the document was used to commit immigration fraud.

Criminals use stolen birth certificates to gain access to sensitive information. They can use this to hack into password-protected accounts and steal sensitive data. A fake birth certificate can also provide an entry point for scammers into other government programs, such as Treasury Direct.

9. You can change your date of birth

Your official birth certificate reveals your full name, date of birth, place of birth, and the names of your parents (including your mother’s maiden name). Scammers often use fake birth certificates to steal identity.

If you are concerned about someone stealing your identity, report the incident to the police. It is also a good idea to carry alternative proof of identification with you, such as a driver’s license or passport. This will help if your birth certificate is lost or stolen. You can also report a crime anonymously online or by calling a hotline.

10. You can change your date of birth

Scammers use birth certificates to steal your personal information. They can obtain your name, birth place, parents’ names (including their maiden names), date of birth, and Social Security number. These pieces of PII give scammers enough information to open credit card accounts in your name, steal your identity, and more.


If you suspect someone is using your birth certificate, report them to law enforcement. You can find a local Crime Stoppers number online or in your phone book. You can also report anonymously through an online tip line.

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