Who Can Benefit from Massage?

Almost anyone can enjoy massage, as a giver or a receiver. It is the natural instinct of a parent to rub a baby’s back. Doing so brings instant calmness and comfort to both the baby and the parent. We all reach out to touch another who is suffering from physical, emotional, or spiritual pain. A simple touch of the hand indicates empathy and compassion.

The specific use of massage can be found in many arenas and for all stages of our lives, including pregnancy, childbirth, elder care, and hospice. It is an important asset in healthcare today, and may be provided in chiropractors’ offices, in physical therapy settings, in wellness clinics, and in hospitals as part of a patient’s recovery plan.

Massage is equally important in the field of exercise, helping the athlete stay fit and pain-free. The beauty business endorses the use of massage as well.

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Massage and Recovery Studies

Indicate compassionate touch speeds recovery from illness, and provides a release from tension that hastens healing. Whether a person is in the hospital or at home, gentle massage supports the return to health. As the tissues are massaged, the muscles relax and take in oxygen and blood, which helps the body gather strength. The depletion felt following an illness is often lessened, and at times even eliminated, through massage.

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