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Looking for a way to get a clear view of a profile picture of a person on Instagram? Now this is a hard task with all the restrictions that Instagram poses. In order to protect the privacy of accounts on Instagram, the app does not allow you to view profile pictures in original size, all you can view is a small circular thumbnail. This restriction is hard to deal with as there are many reasons for which we need to view the profile picture.

In order to deal with this problem faced by almost every Instagram user, Instazoom app was developed. Instazoom app is a third party application that supports viewing of profile pictures in original size and resolution. You can easily view any person’s profile picture in full zoom by simply entering the username of the person into the app. Instazoom app is a free to use app available for use for both android and iOS device owners. Instazoom app uses API Powered AI technology to display profile pictures in full zoom. You can view profile pictures of both public and private accounts.

Uses of Instazoom app:

1. Recognize accounts before following:

There are always hundreds of follow requests lined up in our activity region. Nowadays it’s a fashion of putting up cool and fun usernames which makes it difficult to recognize accounts. Moreover Instagram does not support viewing profile pictures in original size and resolution which cuts your option to recognize an account before following it. To overcome this you can simply use Instazoom. It helps you view profile pictures in full zoom for you to easily identify accounts before accepting their follow request.

2. Sort out fake accounts:

Instazoom helps you figure out known accounts and even identify accounts. This further helps you filter out fake accounts. Allowing access to your profile to someone whom you don’t know can be dangerous at times. By using Instazoom you can easily filter out accounts that are fake and protect your data from skimming information or using it inappropriately.

3. Find your friends from a hundred profiles that have similar name:

This must have happened with everyone at least once, whenever we sit to find a friend’s profile on Instagram we receive a handful of profiles with the same username. Fetching out your friends profile becomes difficult as everyone has a similar name. In such a situation a profile picture helps you sort your friends profile from such a big clutter. You can simply use Instazoom and identify your friends profile from the list.

4. Download profile pictures:

Instazoom provides you with the option for viewing any profile picture in original size and resolution. Not only this, it also provides you a service to download this profile picture. At times you wish to keep a profile picture of a person to view it later offline or post it on their birthday or special occasion. To cater to this need of users Instazoom provides a service to download profile pictures in original size and resolution without charging any cost.

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