Divorce in Huntsville: Things worth knowing about Alabama laws

Getting a divorce in Alabama doesn’t have to be complicated. The waiting period is just 30 days, and it is enough to state “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage as a reason for the divorce. If you are considering divorce in Huntsville, you may want to seek legal representation. Divorces are more complicated than couples think, and therefore, don’t be fooled to assume that you can manage everything on your own. Thanks to Google, finding a divorce lawyer in Huntsville, AL is easy, and all you need is an attorney you can trust for experience, expertise, and support. In this post, we are sharing the key aspects of getting a divorce in Alabama. 

Grounds for divorce

In Alabama, you can opt for a no-fault divorce. If you and your spouse can agree on the common things that matter, such as child custody and distribution of assets and debts, you can go for an uncontested divorce. This is when the residency requirements are met. There are also fault grounds for divorce, including adultery, abandonment, alcohol addiction, and confinement to a mental hospital for five consecutive years.

The residency requirements

Like in other states, there are residency requirements in Alabama too. If you are filing for a divorce, you must have lived in the state for at least six months before initiating the proceedings. The circuit courts in Alabama have the jurisdiction on divorce matters, and you have to file the “complaint for divorce” in the circuit court of your county where you live. You can also file for divorce in the county where you resided with your spouse when the separation happened. 

Understanding key matters

If minor children are involved in the divorce, the court will consider their welfare as the first aspect for deciding on custody and child support. As for the distribution of assets and debts, the same should be handled in an equitable manner, which doesn’t always translate into 50-50 distribution.

Get an attorney

Many family-law firms in Huntsville have top attorneys working for them. Find an attorney for your divorce to sort things amicably. Each divorce is as unique as the marriage itself, and if you don’t want the court to intervene and decide on the key aspects, talking to your spouse directly with an attorney on your side is a wise idea. You can minimize the generic hassles and complete the proceedings in a month or two.

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