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The Vendia Saas Canvas is an application development tool that can be used for deploying web applications and mobile applications. It is designed to provide developers with the tools that they need to build and deploy high-performing, scalable web and mobile applications that are easy to maintain.


Vendia is a platform that provides secure data sharing. It’s built on a serverless computing architecture. This makes it easy to build applications on top of the platform.

The platform also offers governance and security capabilities, which enable organizations to share and use all their data without risking the integrity of it. It helps them make smart decisions.

Vendia has offices in Seattle and San Francisco. The company is backed by several leading investors, including Neotribe Ventures, Sorenson Capital, BMW i Ventures and Canvas Ventures. They also raised a seed round led by Correlation Ventures and WestWave Capital.

Vendia recently raised $15.5 million in Series A funding. It’s a multi-cloud serverless solution that helps organizations securely share data. In addition, it supports data-heavy artificial intelligence applications.


Vendia is a real time data cloud company that has been built to allow enterprises to securely share critical data across applications and platforms. Its business model uses the power of blockchain technology and serverless computing frameworks to ensure data integrity.

Vendia has raised a total of $50 million in funding from investors, including NewView Capital, Canvas Ventures, BMW i Ventures, Sorenson Capital and Neotribe Ventures. The company’s marketing emphasizes the scalability and speed of its product.

Founded by Tim Wagner and Shruthi Rao, Vendia is an enterprise data sharing platform. It has a number of use cases, including the healthcare industry, travel, automotive, and hospitality industries. Its business model helps organizations make intelligent decisions using all of their data.

Vendia provides a simple, scalable and secure platform for sharing data. It combines smart APIs, serverless technology and the power of blockchain technology to ensure data integrity.

Real-time data sharing

Venda is a SaaS-based platform that allows users to share data and code across clouds and tech stacks. The company enables businesses to build applications using real-time data, and to make intelligent business decisions.

Venda enables organizations to access all of their data and share it in a secure and transparent manner. It is also designed to be scalable.

Founded by Tim Wagner and Shruthi Rao, Venda focuses on helping businesses securely and effectively share critical information. By using its business blockchain platform, organizations can automate data workflows and exchanges with other business networks.

Venda enables businesses to build applications that process and analyze a variety of real-time data. This includes allowing businesses to connect to existing BI and analytics solutions. Ultimately, it makes it possible to build and run mission-critical applications.

Funding round

Vendia is a San Francisco-based startup that offers a real-time data cloud and blockchain platform that enables organizations to rapidly build transactional applications. The company uses GraphQL APIs and a serverless computing framework to create a secure and trustworthy data exchange.

Its core service, Vendia Share, helps IT teams share data between their systems and partners. This is done through the platform’s network of NoSQL databases. Those databases are then accessed through a JSON format, which allows transaction workflows to run more smoothly.

Vendia has been working to connect its service to more cloud platforms, such as Google Cloud Platform. Additionally, the company has launched support for Azure.

Vendia has raised a total of $50 million in funding. The round included both seed-stage investors and Series B investors. Some of the top tech investors in Europe, including Knife Capital, Episode 1 Ventures, Atomico, British Patient Capital, and Goldman Sachs Asset Management, participated.


Vendia, a fast growing cloud computing and real time data company with offices in Seattle, San Francisco, London, and Sydney, is the new king of the cloud computing scene. It is a real time cloud computing and big data company that enables companies to build products, and run those applications, on the cloud. They are probably the most reputable cloud computing company in the industry, and have been rated the best in the country by some pretty prestigious organizations. Their product stack features a suite of software and service offerings designed to help their customers build products, and run them on the cloud. In fact, their motto is “we’re here to help you build and run your applications on the cloud, and you’re here to help us build and run ours.” Whether you are a big company, a small business, or a start up, you can count on them to give you the tools and the know how to succeed.


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